Tania Botelho, Visual Artist in Houston, Texas

While checking out the Second Saturday at Sawyer Yards, I had the honor of meeting Ms. Tania Botelho a Visual Artist.  Ms. Botelho is a married, (sorry guys) and has one dog. When I asked Tania her advice for aspiring artist she answered, Believe in your work, do not feel down with critics, do not feel vain with praise and be obstinate as art will demand a lot of work from you!!”

“Art is my weapon and I want to use it as a way to speak for the minorities that can’t speak or don’t know how to do it for themselves.”

Can You see Me?

From Tania’s book made for her son, Arthur
From Tania’s book made for her son, Arthur
From Ms. Botelho’s “Mind Puppet” series
Flying bull is so expensive
“Flying bull is so expensive! ” (new art work of Tania Botelho as a form of protest against corruption in Brazilian Congress)
Yes, that wine was for yours truly! Not only is Tania a wonderful artist but she was a lovely hostess as well.
I just LOVED this particular piece!!! Shame you can’t really see the metal pieces that are a part of the creation with my photo, but trust me that it adds that wow factor!



Here is a little more from Tania Botelho

I was born in Brazil and moved to Houston in early 90s.

I have worked with ballet dancing and also was part of an acting company called Pitu for nine years in Brasilia. I have continued my acting carrier in Rio de Janeiro where I worked in many different plays and musicals . Later I had the chance to work for a local TV network in some soap operas , TV series and participated in a few movies. I have participated in the Orpheus and Eurydikes opera in Chicago with the Parachute Performance group. Performing arts push me into the visual art world and allowed me to develop a very interesting fusion of both acting and visual techniques and creativities.

I have done many group and individual exhibitions in Houston, Europe and South America and have attended a few art residency programs in Vermont and Virginia. I had been awarded with a scholarship at Glassell school of art in Houston and took some other collage, assemblage, drawing, painting and mixed media classes as well.
I am always researching , recycling and sharing ideas about new techniques and experiments and I want my art to be strong , provocative and an instrument to promote the art as an educational and cultural valuable tool for the society.

Ms. Botelho also enjoys exploring sushi bars and checking out new books at Barnes & Noble and visiting different coffee places when she needs to get away from it all and loves Sushi JIN.

Tania Botelho’s next studio events are July 28, 2017 from 5-9 pm and August 12, 2017 from noon to 5 pm – she welcomes you all to stop by!!! Be sure to check out her website or Facebook!

Thanks for stopping by!

Elizabeth and Max


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