Rockstar Art Gallery in Houston Texas

I saw that Rockstar Art Gallery at 5700 NW Central #160 Houston, TX 77092 was hosting a “Last Sunday” event from 1-5pm as they do each month, so decided to check it out for the first time! (Links to artist’s websites are in black by photos)

I loved it when Houston had the Cow Parade so these were fun to look at too 🙂 

Seeing the special Reserved Parking signs and their unique and artsy look gave me a smile
Outside the front door – cute!
Meet Panisch! Nice guy that welcomed me to the Gallery…we’ll see more of him soon 🙂 
Guests (left to Right):  Rick Hill, Jocynda Rodriquez and Dudley (Adam) Adams
“Links to Unity” – Vena Ashley
“Take The A Train” by Sacha Lazarre
“Links To Unity #2” by Vena Ashley
Very attractive, quaint gallery


 Who doesn’t LOVE Willy Wonka!!! I still want to visit The Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory! 
“Mr. Wonka” by Artist, Panisch
Here we have another piece by Panisch titled “Fun”
Everyone was enjoying the gallery
Left is “Soccer”, Upper Right is titled “Zebra and Fish”, Lower Right is “Snail” by Artist, Koerie .  ( Facebook or  Instagram)
“Beatles Set” by Artist, Lisa Hilton (these are WAYYYYY prettier in person!!!)
All art was nicely displayed and the gallery had a fun vibe to it.
“Eye of The Tiger” by Artist, Angela Michelle Smith.
“Genevieve” by  Artist, Teresa Staley
“Luscious Kiss #1 and #2” by  Artist, Teresa Staley
“Best Buddies Beach Walk” by Artist, Janice Jackson
‘Trula B. Sunset at Docs” by Janice Jackson
Artist, Lorena Fernandez – “What is Love #5”
Everyone’s friend 🙂 Mr. Carlos Canales
I later had the pleasure to meet the lovely Ms. Angela Michelle Smith and had to ask her to please stand in front of her “Eye of The Tiger” creation 🙂

That’s it for today! Thanks for stopping by today!!

Elizabeth and Max




23 thoughts on “Rockstar Art Gallery in Houston Texas”

    1. Thanks so much! That really does mean the world to me as I do try to find interesting folks and places to visit as part of my goal is to get people to see what’s out there and discover new things. I learn so much and have such a blast reading other people’s blogs like yours, that I feel so inspired by that I want to return the favor but I always lack confidence if I’ve done so or not if that made any sense?
      Yes the chains I thought were super fun! I’d love to have an artist talent like that!!!

      1. If you click the cow parade link you can see all kinds of cool painted cows that once were all around our city! Some are really cool!!

  1. This was by far may be my favourite place that you must have shared!
    I mean that cute ‘rockstar’ sitting place. The arts displayed. And Yes I’d be so happy to visit the chocolate factory too! (I guess in dreams)
    I loved “fun” “eye of the tiger” so much but there are many many that I loved equally.
    So you know, as always confused!

    1. I loved the bench too! Both Panisch and Angela Smith were also so nice and friendly too! I wish I could have met everyone in person!!

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