Jim McIngvale aka “Mattress Mack” – A Houston Superhero In His Own Right!

“Grateful for everything, Entitled to nothing”  is Jim McIngvale’s motto.

Ask anyone in Houston who will “Save you money?” and they’ll likely laugh, smile and say “Gallery Furniture” or “Mattress Mack”.  You can see why they smile after seeing some of the crazy commercials below – but that’s not all there is to Mr. McIngvale. Yes, he does own Gallery Furniture which he started with $5,000 on the side of the freeway and under tents 30+ years ago and now has three, huge locations. Gallery Furniture is now a multi-million dollar company that provides employment for 400+ folks in Houston.  That in itself is beyond impressive, but actually knowing what he has done and continues to do for the Houston community is what to me, is far more impressive!

As Mack puts it, “by selling Made in America furniture, we’re selling the best furniture made and creating good jobs for Americans.” It’s a win-win situation. When asked why he gives so much to the community, schools, universities and more. “Why work so hard if you can’t do something positive with what you earn?” (Source:  www.Galleryfurniture.com)

Mack was named “Best Houstonian” by radio station 93Q.  Read the list below and you will have an idea why.  Here are some of the things Jim McIngvale and Gallery Furniture do on a regular basis…wow!!!

  • Annual Christmas give-away furnishing 30 households of furniture every year
  • Currently furnishing all 136 USO facilities around the world Hosted events for and donated to the Salvation Army
  • Donated furniture to hundreds of teacher lounges in Houston area schools
  • Helped to raise over $12 million dollars for the Bush/Clinton fund to aid those affected by the Tsunami in Southeast Asia and Hurricane Katrina
  • Underwrote YMCA playground at Reliant Stadium for Katrina Evacuees
  • Housed several Hundred Evacuees during Hurricane Crisis
  • One of the largest contributors to the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo
  • Underwrote National OCF Conference held in Houston
  • Instrumental in getting Meneger Clinic to move to Houston to provide Mental Health Care to Houston by providing a $4 million dollar donation
  • Donated tennis racquets to inner city kids that would not otherwise have the opportunity to take tennis lessons
  • Sole sponsor of Pilgrimage of Faith sending 500 kids and chaperons from the Galveston/Houston Catholic Dioceses to Rome
  • Fed 25,000 people Thanksgiving dinner for several years
  • Bought 10,000 toys for needy children, distributed during the holidays
  • Large contributor to Baylor College of Medicine and Harvard Medical School
  • Funded Nations First Mobile Stroke Unit (MSU)
  • Supporter of Mental Health/Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OSD) In Cooperation 4.2 Million Funded for High School Scholarships
  • Major Contributor Heart Institute and Research
  • Supporter of Local High School Scholarships
  • Donated Furniture to Hundreds of Teacher’s Lounges in Houston Schools
  • Dedicated to Community Involvement through the giving of Thousands of Speeches to Houston Schools on Work Ethics & Capitalism In America
  • Donated 8,000 space facility to BrookWood Community/Special Needs
  • Donated Furniture to the Micheal DeBakey Fisher House so Families would have housing while Love Ones are sick in the Hospital
  • Donated over 60K to the Martin Luther King and NAACP Foundations
  • First Supporter of Kipp Academy Schools now a Nation Wide Program
  • Supporter of several Tier One Sleep Institute ( UH/UT )
  • Establish a Trust Fund for Fertilizer disaster in West Texas that raised over 100K for victim’s families
This is in the parking lot of the first Gallery Furniture location at 6006 North Freeway
Houston, TX 77076
I knew y’all would want to see the inside too 🙂 

(Source:  YouTube by Brian Z)
This little guy and his friends were enjoying the great outdoors while it was still cool enough outside.
You’ll see this immediately on the left side when you enter the North Frwy. location
See all the memorabilia from those Houstonians that adore “Mattress Mack”?
Mack is all about “American Made” and keeping jobs here in America
Hakeem “The Dream” Adbul Olajuwon’s HUGE shoes!
Just a little portion of the North Frwy. location!
Each time I’ve visited there are always treats to munch on while shopping


Our local High School helmets…I KNOW the one on the right is for the Katy Tigers!!! Go Tigers!

Before doing this post I knew LOTS of the things Mack did for the Houston community, but not ALL of these things so I wanted more people to discover what I have learned too 🙂 Additionally, I have to say that EVERY single time I have visited the North Frwy. location I have seen Mr. McIngvale there and working hard – does the man EVER sleep?! 🙂 

(Source:  YouTube by Gallery Furniture)

(Source:  YouTube by Brian Z)

Thanks for reading and hope each of your day is beautiful! Note, Mr. McIngvale has a serious side too and is a fantastic public speaker.  I saw him deliver a speech at a Chamber of Commerce meeting years ago and wow, what a success story and honest man.  Former President George Bush, Mrs. Bush and their son, Neil, (Chairman of Daily Point of Light), even honored Mr. McIngvale with the Daily Point of Light Award. The award recognizes people for selfless community service. 

(Source:  YouTube by Gallery Furniture)

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