Max is soooo bored!!!

My poor little co-author and sidekick, Max is sooooo bored!!! I’ve been sick with bronchitis once again so homebound and high levels of steriods…yuck! I have such a love/hate relationship with steroids!! Anyway, that said…Max hasn’t been able to go on any of our adventures :(. So, here we go with some recent backyard, “Houston” photos.

Ah, my beautiful feathered friend the Northern Cardinal

This is actually a Northern Cardinal too but I’ve never seen one so yellow!!!
Anyone know what in the world THIS is?!?!
I know the  feather color change is just a seasonal change but does anyone know about the odd beak color?
This little cutie had the sweetest little chip!
I MIGHT be SLIGHTLY partial but isn’t Max the CUTEST little guy on the planet?!!! (Don’t answer No or you might see the Mamma Bear in me come out!!! 🙂 )
Mockingbird’s eyes always look so intense to me!! This guy was LOUD!!!
Max says he’s off to track down something more exciting for once Ma feels better. 

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Elizabeth and Max

39 thoughts on “Max is soooo bored!!!”

  1. Hi Elizabeth and Max. Sorry you’re under the weather. Now we know where the cardinals have gone, lol. Usually our area has a bunch but we haven’t seen em in weeks. Great close ups of the birds.

    1. Urrr… just found this in my spam! Yes, the steroids are the one thing that helps but a curse and blessing both! I feel like a swollen cow that can’t sleep 🙂

  2. I hope you are feeling better! Those are some raggedy Cardinals. It looks like they were in full molt. I think the yellowish one might be a molting female. I think the beak color doesn’t become that orangey red till they are older. You might have caught a photo of “this year’s model.” Haha I love Cardinals. They were my Mom’s favorite bird, so anytime I see one, I smile. 🙂

    1. Aren’t they rather a hot mess?!? The are this season’s new, revived grunge look! Odd but they’ve been looking crazy for 2 months and maybe I just never noticed them until this year cuz this is the first year I’ve seen them look this strange! They have a spiritual significance to me and I always am happy once I get my daily cardinal fix 😊

  3. Oofff. Sorry to hear about the recurrent bout with bronchitis and the need for steroids again. But hope that both you AND Max will get the chance to make up for lost time when you recover.

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