BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir

Still sick so I am “recycling” this older post for those that have never seen it 🙂 … hope to have new content soon 🙂

BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir in Stafford, Texas is breathtaking! It’s a place of traditional Hindu worship but respectful visitors are allowed.  The exterior is made of Turkish Limestone and interior of Italian Marble.  The hand carvings are stunning as you can see in the photos below.  It’s truly a sight to behold and worth a visit!

Note:  Mandir basically means a temple or place of worship.  There is a souvenir shop and plenty of photo ops!

Advice:  Check the Visitor Guidelines before you leave please to be sure you are dressed appropriately, etc.

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12 thoughts on “BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir”

  1. Hi Elizabeth.
    First off, I really want you to get better soon.
    Secondly, thank you tons for sharing this post. I had never seen it. Also now, I think you are spying on me :-p
    I’ll tell you why. I am a ‘Swaminarayan’ myself. And I had no idea that they have this temple in Texas too. I knew there was one in London, but no clue about this one.
    Swaminarayan temples are almost similar in lookout and I love going there, my preferred reason is, it is always calm, serene and peaceful. Most of them are so quite that you can literally listen to your echo.
    Mostly Gujarati’s go there, but you may find many others too.
    See this is why I love you, I am sitting here in some lone city and I still get to see the temple that is in Texas.
    But mostly photography must be prohibited inside the temple!

    1. Thanks so much Moushmi! Trying to get better for sure!😄 wow-this is crazy to learn!!! Smaller world than we realize! Yes, no photos inside but the outside is allowed. The inside is equally as stunning though!!! You should show photos of yours over there!!

      1. Sadly, I don’t have this temple in my city!
        But whenever I go to any city which have them, I make it a point to visit. I will mail you the outside photos right away.
        Also since we don’t have the Swaminarayn temple here, we visit the ‘Haveli’ another temple sort of thing which is meant for ‘Vaishanvs’ but the Gods we follow are same, so we substitute it. Again no photos allowed, not even outside.

      2. How come you can’t take outside photoe? Just curious – you know me 🙂 . Yes, I’d love to see the photos!!!

    1. You can’t take photos inside but you are allowed in and it’s beautiful too! Thanks for the well wishes 🙂

  2. That place is beautiful! I didn’t know that was in Stafford, drive past there all the time when I’m in town. I love learning about different cultures and their spiritual beliefs so I’ll have to check that out!

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