Yale Grill and Gifts in the Historic Houston Heights Area in Houston, Texas – Step Back in Time to 1923!

My awesome sister gets all the credit for this discovery! Yale Grill and Gifts has been a Houston landmark since 1923!!!! This was back when Corn Flakes cost .10 cents for an 8 oz. package, a pound of bread was a mere .08 cents, the first issue of Time magazine was published and flapper style clothing was in vogue.  I’d guess this makes it one of, if not THE oldest diner in Houston!  Once inside you’ll notice half of the place is the diner and half an antique store.  The part that is now Lovejoys Antiques and Collectibles used to house the long gone Yale Pharmacy.

Yale Grill & Gifts at 2100 Yale Street, Houston, Texas 77008

Some history….Yale Pharmacy was originally owned by Mr. Abel Mrs. Mildred Dupuis who were both pharmacists in 1923 and they added the grill and soda fountain.  Later in years their son, Joe took over but sold the pharmacy portion in 1997 but kept the grill and building.  The name was then changed to Yale Grill and Gifts.  The Dupuis’s stepdaughter, Debbie Drouin took over at some point and opened a gift shop and postal office in the old pharmacy space. Once Ms. Drouin decided to sell, the gift and postal office closed leaving just the grill.  That’s when in June 2001 Mr. Paul Gomberg came to the rescue to buy the property rather than see it close since it was such a Houston staple for soooo many years!!!  Mr. Gomberg knew Yale Grill and Gifts well.  Mr. Gomberg was at the time the Houston Heights area’s most popular new home builder with Premier Victorian.  I’ll share a funny story from Paul.  “One Saturday morning we were short-handed so I worked as a waiter.. one of my clients that I had just sold a new home to came in to eat breakfast. While I was serving his table of 6 people he asked me “Paul, when are you going to have somebody come over and finish the punch list? There are still two pieces of 2×4’s on my roof and they need to be removed.” I responded with “call Premier Victorian on Monday and complain then,  today all you get is pancakes and sausage”. Some time later, Mr. Gomberg sold to  the very same people who worked for him once he bought it! What a great ending!

Meet the lovely Ms. Nancy Zaragoza, Manager and  Mr. Juan – ready to serve you with a  friendly smile!


The space for Yale Grill is partially shared with Lovejoys Antiques and Collectibles. As Mrs. Lovejoy so graciously stated, one business helps support the other business. I loved her sincerity and smile!! You can reach Lovejoys Antiques at 713-802-1132 or stop by in person at 2100 Yale Street, Houston, TX 77008.

Like a complete dope, although I’m going to blame it on being sick still,…I neglected to photograph my meal!!!  I win the ptuz award!  Well, I got the Patty Melt with fries and a pickle and stuck to water.  Pretty good patty melt and loved it was on rye! Yum!  All of the wait staff were pleasant, friendly and on point and very reasonably priced.  I’d be happy to return any time!! Now let’s see the antique side…

Mrs. Linda Lovejoy just has one of those radiant smiles that makes you instantly like her as she welcomes you to Lovejoy’s Antiques and Collectibles.


Mr. Tom Lovejoy was there too ready with jokes and appeared to be doing some jewelry repair.

It’s like a trip down memory lane!! 
I recall having the Mr. Peanut doll and Raggedy Ann and Andy!
My Mom liked this pattern in the blue Wedgewood
Isles of finds!!


Laughed when I saw this set as it was what we had as kids!


Anyone remember these Bama Jelly Jars???

Thanks for stopping by and “stay tuned” more exciting Houstonians are ready to be seen! 🙂

Elizabeth and Max (Max is not speaking to me since I didn’t bring him any leftovers!)



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  1. I’d have probably spent all day in there, Elizabeth. I love the black and while photo as it really gives the place a ‘look back in time’ look. 1923 must have been a great year. So good to hear that the place is still running.

      1. I look forward to meeting them. 😀 They deserve a big pat on the back for saving the place. BTW – when I try and tweet your posts, your Twitter user name is no longer showing. Have you added your Twitter user name to your blog? I know it was there, but it seems to have disappeared.

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