Texas’s Very Own “Rockstar Realtor” Paul Gomberg

(Above photo courtesy of Paul Gomberg)

Meet Paul Gomberg, The “Rockstar Realtor” .  I actually stumbled on Mr. Gomberg while doing research for another blogpost but thought he was so interesting and a tad crazy 🙂 , that I wanted to introduce you to him too! 

As y’all know here in Texas….it’s go big or go home!! Paul is definitely a “Go Big” type of guy!!! Oh, and that mentality seems to run in the family but wait….we’ll get to that soon…you won’t want to miss out!!

Question:  Something I certainly never expected to learn about you is that you were the realtor of the property known as “the filthiest home in Houston”.  What can you tell about this and how you became involved?!
Paul Gomberg’s Answer:  I got involved in the filthy house as the listing agent to sell it for a client that purchased one of my listings. I temporarily was able to postpone a foreclosure on the filthy home. We attempted to do a short sale on the home but the lender refused about 100 offers and subsequently one of those buyers who had wanted to purchase the home sued the lender and myself in a really stupid lawsuit (still on going in Harris County) The lawsuit will be a future Rockstar video and I plan to make the plaintiff’s very famous. 
Want more in-depth information about the home? Here’s an article by Michelle Huffman found on Yahoo! News
Question:  I also discovered you’re the front man for a Rock band, “Psycho Life”.  Tell me about the band and how long you’ve been a musician too? Who are some of your Rock heroes?
Paul’s Answer:   I’ve been in two bands since 1999. The first band Rose Drill played gigs all around Houston we were known as “the best band in our price range” Sadly Rose Drill collapsed in 2009 amid a bad economy, heart attacks, and our drummer was beaten severely by his wife and he couldn’t play the drums anymore.  Psycho Life is my second band that I have been in. Psycho Life is just one of about 3 names we used. The other names are Jar Fly and my favorite Donkey Paradise and because one evening an announcer introduced us as Donkey Parasites, so we used that name that name too. The band does originals and covers in our own style of bluesy rock. My part in the band is lead vocalist, creative movement and to make sure that every audience member is riveted to their seats, dancing and paying attention to us while we play. My biggest rock heroes are the Stones, Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Bowie & Alice Cooper. 
Mr. Gomberg is engaged to wife #3, has three children ranging in age from 12-25. His eldest is upcoming pop star, Ms. Dorian Electra.  As my blog is a G rated blog, I will just post Dorian Electra’s “The Dark History of High Heels”this music video here. However, one of her biggest hits is all about a C word that rhymes somewhat with wit 🙂 so not for non-adult eyes/parental warning,etc…… Told ya…runs in the family!
Question:  Mr. Gomberg, I know you’ve been in the real estate business for over 38 years as either a developer, home builder, leasing agent and commercial builder, inspector, expert witness for construction defects and licensed real estate agent over 36 years.  What’s been your favorite part of your extensive background and why? 
Paul’s Answer: My favorite part has been getting famous and known around here as the Rockstar Realtor. I like helping my clients solve their real estate problems with my experience and my counter intuitive approach and out of the box ideas seem to work out really well.
Question:  In researching for another post on Yale Street Grill and Gifts, I discovered you once owned this business too.  What possessed you to buy it in the first place?
Gomberg’s Answer: In 2002 the owner was going to permanently close the Yale Street Grill.  I loved the place and didn’t want to see it close. I offered to buy the building and the business (Yale Street Grill & Gifts) and as crazy as it sounds 3 days later I was in the restaurant business before the deal even closed. 
(Photos provided by Paul Gomberg)
The “Rockstar Realtor” doesn’t limit himself to selling filthy homes or being a rockstar…nope…he loves collecting classic cars like his ’67 Chevy Impala SS in addition to collecting all types of music on all formats from 78”s to the “crappy 8- track”, LP’s & 45’s… Travel is another hobby. Dare I ask what next?????!

I asked Mr. Gomberg, in closing, what would you like the readers to know about you? His answer…


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All of this is in good-natured fun, but I would be wrong not to link to Mr. Gomberg’s About Me page where Mr. Gomberg speaks more seriously of his dedication to his real estate clients and experience.
The Rockstar Realtor himself – Paul Gomberg   (Photo courtesy of Paul Gomberg)
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