Houston’s Big Bucks…”Baby Got Back”…Greenbacks! But We Also Have Folks With A Lot Of Heart!!

Forbes recently released its list of  “The World’s Billionaires” list for 2017.  Guess who just BARELY missed it again this year?!!! Ok, I MAY have missed it by a LOT 🙂 !!!

The richest lady in Texas according to their list?  Yep, you guessed it!!!  That honor goes to  67-year-old, Alice Walton.  Name familiar? Yep, she is an heir to Sam Walton, founder of Wal-Mart! What’s her net worth? $38 BILLION!!!!! I don’t know about you but I think maybe Alice needs to buy Elizabeth and Max a new car!!! All I want is a Honda Civic with all the bells and whistles…don’t need a darn Lexus.  Help a sista out Alice!!

Who is the wealthiest Houstonian according to Forbes?? That’d be 72-year-old, Richard Kinder who is the founder and executive chairman of Kinder Morgan. They estimate his wallet at $7.2 BILLION!!! Pretty sure he could gift me a Honda Civic too…although I might need to knock off some of the added features 🙂 Actually, after my car’s air conditioning went out recently with heat indexes over 100, I’m just thankful as all get out to have air again!!!

Glass half full??? They are poverty-stricken when compared to Bill Gate’s $86 BILLION!! I wonder where Max is on the list of wealth??? 🙂 

Granted, I have no doubt Alice, Richard and Bill give their fair share to charity but today I watched the news and thought…this guy has TRUE wealth!!! Allow me to introduce Mr. Rocky Synder.  He may not be on the money list but he’s a top 10 guy in my opinion!

It seems Mr. Synder  of started with a dream of being able to work as a handyman but wanted to really have an impact on helping our nations great veterans that have served our country.  He began a GoFundMe page and explained his vision.  

Mr. Rocky Synder – Time To Help Vets

“So many veterans in this country have so many little things around the house that need to get done but they don’t have the able bodies nor the funds to do it. I would like to raise money just so that I can provide materials fuel in order to achieve these little odd jobs. I really don’t need a lot of money, but it is hard for me to afford to help the way i want to due to the fact that i have four kids under 7 yrs old. I have a Facebook group titled the same as this account that is 800 members strong that are willing to help vets in need. The mission is simple, find vets that need help installing things, assembling stuff, fixing old fences, landscaping, cleaning inside and outside of their homes, and just about anything else you can think of that any able-bodied handy man can do and donate time to help them get these things accomplished. Why do I need money? To build and maintain a website, supply materials, fuel to do jobs and to get to them, help them fix their vehicles or anything else that we might encounter along the way. I was VERY hesitant to start this because I feel these funding sites get abused so often that I don’t want there to be a chance of people associating that with the group. However the fact remains i need help to make people’s lives a little bit easier so that they can spend more time and money on fixing their bodies.” (Source:  www.GoFundMe.com)


Want to hire Time To Help Vets for your next handyman project? Call Rocky at 832-388-9368.  Time To Help Vets charges $55 per hour.  For every 3 hours of hired (paid) work, Rocky will donate 1 hour of free labor and some materials for a veteran in need.  Check out his Facebook too! What a great idea! Thanks Rocky!

(All photos generously provided by Mr. Rocky Synder)

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17 thoughts on “Houston’s Big Bucks…”Baby Got Back”…Greenbacks! But We Also Have Folks With A Lot Of Heart!!”

  1. Hi Elizabeth,
    What a great post! You are very thoughtful to give tribute to someone like Rocky Snyder. He absolutely deserves to be recognized and given financial assistance. One thing positive that has come out of the Middle East Wars, we Americans are finally giving recognition to our Vets. Way overdue. As a Vietnam Vet, it wasn’t until recently that we began receiving recognition for the sacrifices we made. In these days were there is so much divisiveness, bigotry and hatred it is refreshing to read this story. Thank you so much for sharing it. HUGS

    1. Chuck-Thank you! Your words mean the world to me! My daughter’s Dad is also a Vietnam Vet! Thank you for your service Chuck VERY much!!! Hugs back at ya!

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