Hurricane Harvey – What Can You Do?

Hurricane Harvey struck here in Texas.  I know a fellow blogger who had to evacuate along with my sweet niece and her soon-to-be hubby from Corpus Christi and Port Aransas, Mustang Island areas, then here in Houston the flooding is disastrous too.  I will obviously not be blogging for a while, but thought if anyone wants to help, here is a link to the Red Cross – (specifically for the Hurricane Harvey) affected people. Red Cross is always one of the first groups willing to offer help and I personally, feel safe donating to them always.  Prayers to all those affected.

Thanks for listening and God Bless.

Elizabeth and Max


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      1. Much better – still so many people, my daughter and her hubby included rebuilding their homes etc. from the floods.

  1. Hi Elizabeth,
    I assume by your post your life is not being threatened by the storm. I know from my experiences with storms here in Florida, it is a major headache dealing with loss of power, inability to communicate, restrictions in travel, etc. I agree that the Red Cross are the first ones to jump in and help those affected. Stay dry and you, your family and all of Texas being affected will be in my prayers. HUGS

    1. I hear from a neighbor that we can’t leave our subdivision but that’s it so far for me but soooo many people are now homeless, etc. – just so unbelievably sad!! Breaking my heart to see it on tv!

  2. I’m extremely pleased to learn that you are OK! Heard that there had been deaths around the Houston area!
    This was a bad one, I believe, but the long time prognosis states that the inner part of the Mexican Gulf will get more storms than before in the years to come!

  3. Sending thankful thoughts and good wishes as you try to deal with the aftermath. I know you still have more rain coming. Hunker down and hug your daughter and the dogs. 😉 It’s amazing and wonderful that you haven’t been affected much. Do you still have power and other utilities?

  4. My friend! Is everything okay in my hometown? How is Houston holding up? How are you? I have seen footage of the city coming together and everyone helping each other. I’m proud to be a Houstonian!

    1. Definitely I am feeling proud of Houston! Sooo many people pitched in to help others and rescue by way of boats, jet skis or pretty much any means available and still are! Same thing for people helping others! My daughter’s in laws were flooded and had to leave, then got trapped at a Walmart with no hotels anywhere to go. My daughter was telling my sister this and she contacted an old friend who immediately came to their rescue and took them in as none of us could get to them – how kind was that?! We were evacuated but I am VERY fortunate as my home came super close by didn’t flood like it was supposed to due to the Addicks Reservoir “controlled” and “uncontrolled” releases. Sadly, the rest of my street was not as blessed nor was my daughter or her in laws but we are all safe!

  5. My heart and prayers goes to you, please update us your situation, I am quite worried about you.

    I hope, pray and wish you, max, your family and friends are all safe and sound alongwith your possession and precious properties as well.

    Will eagerly look forward having your reply.

    1. Hey my friend-We are all safe 🙂 . We had to evacuate and luckily were able to stay with my sister and her hubby along with Max, my cats and my daughters 2 pups that I was pup sitting at the time. Thankfully, I was among the blessed and my home did not flood. My daughter and her husband were not as lucky, but they thankfully at least did have flood insurance so we are hoping that will help and they are living with her hubby’s brother. Her father and mother in law were also flooded and had been staying there too. She also lost her car but no insurance to replace that :(. It is taking 3-4 hours to get home from work each day so by the time I get home I am exhausted! Also, in the midst of this my son-in-law lost his beloved grandmother. Just lots to deal with but I know my family is very blessed and so much more fortunate than so many!!! Thanks for checking in with me 🙂

      1. I don’t know what to say seriously, it’s good and bad, but I am glad their is silver lining at the end of the tunnel.

        Glad they are okay and got the insurance to cover major part of the loss which is such a relief to know, I am happy to hear.

        May God bless your sister and his family to accommodate you all and yr daughter brother in law as well to come up with open heart to open the door to all of his family. Which makes the family so so so much stronger and bonded.

        I am glad you are all happy and sound, I wish I can support and help you guys in anyway. Let me know, I will glad to help from far away.

        Stay safe and stay best. Keep in touch.


        The below emoticons are added by my little one for you specially, she is lying next to me. So when I started putting up, she said this is from me.


      2. This is so bad I wrote such a big comment and it’s gone 😥😥😥😥

        Anyway, Glad you are okay and I am happy more than sad that you guys are okay specially your daughter and her husband. So happy they had the insurance covered for the floods, about the car well tell take that’s as the charity of your life well being and many to the future.

        What makes me happy is to know about 2 great people your sister and her husband and your daughter brother in law, for accommodating you all in their respective houses. That’s makes the family bounding all so much stronger. I wish them more and more blessings and wellness to help their family members in time of need.

        I don’t know how I can help, but do let me know, in case you require any assistance or help in any regard.

        Best wishes for me and your family.


  6. Hi Elizabeth! So sorry that I have been such an absent friend! Still not back to completely normal! I have been worried about you and the flood…did you have flooding in your neighborhood? I have also been thinking about your niece and her wedding in Port A… you had mentioned her wedding when I told you that we were planning to go down there in October. Plus, our daughter has a friend whose cousin (I think a cousin) is trying to move her October wedding to Fort Worth. I guess there are lots of relatives here. They have had a difficult time finding a venue up here! Hope that you are doing better! I miss you!

    1. We got evacuated from our house as it was scheduled to flood when they released the “controlled” and then “uncontrolled” Addicks Reservoir, my poor daughter and her hubby got 3 feet inside their house and she lost her car, her father in law n step mom got several feet in their home but all are safe. Me and homes to left were blessed but the rest of my street were not as fortunate. My niece canceled her wedding as venue was very damaged but her home was spared so overall we are grateful but sad for so many others. Lucky that my sister took us in and my daughter was taken in along with her in laws at her brother in laws.

    1. Me and the family are all safe and somewhat sound Ha ha ha!😄 just lots going on as Houston pulls itself back together – thanks

  7. Hi Elizabeth,

    We miss your blogs and photos. Since we last spoke, I went through Irma. Other than losing power for a few days and down trees, we made it through okay. Have you been able to move back home yet? I hope all is going well and you and your family (including Max) have a great Thanksgiving.

    Chuck Jackson

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