The Fred Hartman Bridge – “Presidential Award” Winner!

I have a confession….I LOVE bridges! Hearing about the Fred Hartman Bridge from traffic reports, etc. and never having seen it..why not take a few snaps since I was already close by?! 

The bridge connects La Porte to Baytown, Texas

Cost…over $100 million to construct in the mid ’90’s – Opening day was September 27, 1995 and George W. Bush was there.  

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Lynchburg Ferry

Try the Free Lynchburg Ferry in Baytown to go to the San Jacinto Monument or Battleship Texas

The Lynchburg Ferry in has been a free ferry in Baytown, Texas since 1888! Even I am not THAT old! 🙂 It connects the North and South Independence Parkway and the San Jacinto Battleground monument, (which I will save for another post).  However, going there in a torrential downpour was probably not a wise idea…but then again…I’m rather know for doing random things that aren’t always the smartest 🙂 I wish once on the Ferry, you were allowed to get out of your car for photo ops but that’s a no-no. Still, it is a free, fun little adventure and then you can go see the San Jacinto Monument and Battleground and the Battleship Texas 

Happy wandering!

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