Russian General Store in Houston, Texas

Today I had the pleasure of entering the Russian General store in Houston, Texas and having the chance to sit down and speak with Mr. Alexander Kogan while his business partner, Ms. Anna Levitin tended to the business, they have shared for over 20 years! Ms. Levitin is a bit shy and didn’t wish to be photographed, although you’ll have to trust me that she is quite the attractive lady!  Smart as a whip too according to Mr. Kogan! I think he feels a bit badly that she’s been taking on so much more than her fair share of the work load since he became ill as he mentioned his gratitude more than once toward Ms. Anna Levitin.  Very touching to see these two friends in business together still after so many years.  What a team!

Mr. Alexander Kogan – Partner/Owner of The Russian General Store
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Three Dimensional Visions and Carol Simon Studio in Houston, Texas

I’d like to call my guests today the Queens of Glass! Meet Ms. Sally Pennington Moore, Artist and Owner of Three Dimensional Visions and Ms. Carol Simon, Artist of Carol Simon Studio.  You’ll soon see why I want to call them Queens of Glass!!!

Sally Pennington Moore, Artist and Owner of Three Dimensional Visions with “Summer Skies”-Artist, Patrick Kerry Brown

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Diane Gelman – Visual Artist At The Silos Sawyer Yards In Houston, Texas

I like fun and whimsical….that is exactly what you will find in Diane Gelman’s studio at The Silos at Sawyer Yards in Houston, Texas at 1502 Sawyer Street, Studio 209, Houston, TX 77007 and did I mention mad talent? Yep…that too! 🙂 


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Denise Giordano, Artist – Gio Studio in Houston, Texas

In the words of Stella Adler Life beats down and crushes the soul, and art reminds you that you have one.  (Source:

“I attempt to construct intense personal moments masterfully created through mixed media artworks and sculptures. Wanting the viewer to imagine their own interpretation without being hindered where past and present fuse. Time and memory always play a key role. By applying abstraction, I want to amplify the astonishment of the spectator by creating compositions or settings that generate tranquil metaphors that leave traces and balances on the edge of recognition and separation.


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Houston’s Art Scene Comes Together

(Above:  @treesmcgee)

What’s better on a hot, Houston day than being in cool air conditioning? Seeing great art with the A/C blowing! Here is a little overview of my visit to Sawyer Yards last “Second Saturdays”…. guess it’s art week here at Houston Photo Journey 🙂 ! It was just such a treat for the eyes and imagination that I had to take you with me!!!

Entering the Silver Street Studios Parking area (#Verny)

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John Bernhard, International Artist, One Of His “Displaced” Collection Creations.

Meet Mr. John Bernhard…one of those few people who you meet and just instantly adore! Everything from his French/Swiss accent, to his generous laughter and easy-going manner.

The above photo shows John holding one of his “Displaced” pieces. 

“In this series, Displaced, I wanted to bring to attention not merely the homeless case but the death of american manufacturing. The loss of the manufacturing industry manifests itself most clearly in job losses. For the first time since the Industrial Revolution, fewer than ten percent of American workers are now employed in manufacturing, and as a consequence, we are now manufacturing homelessness.”

“In a collage process, I overlaid photographs of old manufacturing plants over faces of homeless men, which I photographed throughout the U.S. The final work is printed with archival Uv cured ink directly on metal sheets.”  

Prairie Fire – 1980 Mr. Bernhard’s “Skindream” series was featured (as shown) in LIFE Magazine in China.  He was supposed to be on the cover but was censored for nudity 🙁 

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Artist, Alberto Godoy

Last Saturday. I attended the “Second Saturdays at Sawyer Yards“.  This is a monthly event when artists from Silver Street Studios, Spring Street Studios, Silos Studios, Summer Street Studios and Winter Street Studios have their art studios open to the public.   Basically, there are 5 revamped warehouses full of a wide variety of artist that create everything from jewelry, sculptures, textiles, photography to world-class painters.  Best part??? Yes, my favorite 4 letter word….FREE to attend and park and bonus…in this Houston heat…nice to spend the day inside the air-conditioned studios casually wandering around and meeting the artists.

The first artist I really chatted with was Mr. Alberto Godoy of Godoy Studio.  A lovely and charming gentleman from Cuba.  His art is colorful, fun and specifically spherical by design.  


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