Bridgeland’s Farmers Market – 2nd Sunday Of Each Month (Rain or Shine!) 10% Discount Offers Inside! :)

Photo Above:  Balakrishna, Vemuru, Sushma, Murali and Ramadu with Gage Lydahl of Atkinson Farms

I had no idea there was a Farmer’s Market near me until I received an email from Ms. Leah Stapleton of the SPR Agency telling me about it.  Why not check it out 🙂 .  I try not to shop/buy while getting posts ready, but I confess to leaving with 2 buckets of yummy tomatoes from Atkinson Farms 🙂 – yum!

Tim and Mary King – The Royalty of BBQ Sauce at King of the Pit Bar-B-Que Sauce


Matthew Brantley of BZ Honey

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Houston Press BrewFest 2017 – Cheers!

Everyone was ready to get their beer on at the Houston Press BrewFest 2017!

(Left to Right) Katelyn Upton, Kathryn Bonestead and Heidi Bonilla
By 3:30pm – only 30 minutes into the event – it was already getting packed!

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Old Town Spring – Full of Quaint, Fun Shops and Eateries in Spring, Texas (SAVE UP TO 20% OFF!!!) Just Mention Houston Photo Journey!

Old Town Spring is an area not far from Houston, Texas…actually, it’s in Spring, Texas but these quaint shops are all grouped in an area we call “Old Town Spring” it’s sort of like stepping back in time when visiting.  It’s always a fun time visiting. Here’s a little taste of what it has to offer… (KEEP READING FOR MULTIPLE DISCOUNT OFFERS FOR HOUSTON PHOTO JOURNEY READERS!!! 🙂 – Plan ahead and do some early holiday shopping with these discount offers! ) 

Meet the lovely Chanell Lauxman and her sidekick Clyde of Connie’s Bath Shack

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The Gauntlet’s Been Thrown…I Challenge You To Find A Better Waffle!! After Visiting First Watch – The Daytime Cafe in Katy, Texas

My Mother’s Day was spectacular!!! My perfect, beautiful daughter and her fantabulous, handsome hubby took me to First Watch – The Daytime Cafe in Katy, Texas for a WONDERFUL breakfast!  

Tip:  Go early and ask for Arianne’s table – she’s awesome and will soon become either a 1st or 2nd grade teacher – Sure her students and their parents will adore her too!

Image-1 (3)
We even got these cute boxes of chocolates as their gift to us for Mother’s Day – nice touch!
Ms. Arianne Hoffman – Best Server EVER! 

I ordered the Belgian Waffle that comes with a side of warm, berry compote, (I also spread some of my daughter’s strawberry jam on it) – now when I tell you that waffle was good…I have to say it was the best waffle I’ve ever eaten ($7.99) !!! Eh..hemm…ONLY because it was Mother’s Day, (I’m lying thru my teeth), I also ordered the Millionaire’s Bacon (Four slices of hardwood smoked bacon baked with brown sugar, black pepper, cayenne and a maple syrup drizzle)…OMG it IS yummy!!

So good!

Image-1 (7)

Mr. Handsome ordered the Chickichanga Whipped eggs with spicy, all-natural chicken breast, chorizo, green chilies, Cheddar, Monterey Jack, onions and avocado rolled in a flour tortilla. Topped with Vera Cruz sauce and all-natural sour cream. Served with fresh fruit and fresh, seasoned potatoes – $10.79 

Image-1 (10)Mrs. Beautiful ordered the (Farmhouse) Skillet Hash (Two cage-free eggs atop fresh, seasoned potatoes, bacon, avocado, house-roasted onions and tomatoes with Cheddar and Monterey Jack) – $10.99

Obviously it was a complete thumbs up for me! Though not fast in getting the food, it was worth the wait! For sure going back!!! Mr. Handsome and Mrs. Beautiful both thoroughly enjoyed their orders too and reminded me everything is “farm fresh” and made from scratch and they support local farmers.”

Then it was off to see “Snatched” which we all loved  – pretty ridiculously funny!!! Next, hung out with my crazy son and watched (bummer), the Spurs lose…but still nice spending some time with my baby boy too! Had a WONDERFUL day!!! Thanks!!! Love you all!!!

(All photos provided courtesy of Stephanie Stevens)

Take care!

Elizabeth and Max (he’s still upset that he didn’t get to share any bacon)


German Gift House in Spring, Texas – How One Woman Accomplished Her Dreams!

Allow me to introduce Mrs. Ursula Sledge.  Mrs. Sledge is from Hannover, Germany. She fell in love and moved here with her American husband.  Her story is interesting as she managed to make her dreams a reality and I love that!!  Ursula was once a customer at the German Gift House and fell in love with it.  When Mrs. Sledge learned the owners wished to retire and sell the shop she enjoyed visiting so much, she and a friend decided to buy it! That was in 2008.  By 2011,  Mrs. Sledge became the sole proprietor!  What a great story of turning your passions and dreams into reality – living “The American Dream”!   (READ FURTHER FOR 10% DISCOUNT)


“We have a wide variety of German-made or Germany related items. Everybody can find something here. The collector finds unique hand-made German collectibles.”

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Breakfast Brunch Cafe Fun and The BP MS 150 Bike Ride From Houston to Austin!

I’m so blessed to have such a wonderful daughter and her equally fantastic hubby!!! We hadn’t had a chance to sit down to catch up lately, so they decided take me to a fabulous breakfast this past Saturday.  We met up at Breakfast Brunch Cafe at 9955 Barker Cypress Road Suite 110, Cypress, TX 77433 Continue reading “Breakfast Brunch Cafe Fun and The BP MS 150 Bike Ride From Houston to Austin!”

Bridgeland 10th Annual Nature Fest

(Photo Above:  Shivam Babu Enjoying the Armadillos)

April 29th, 2017 was the 10th Annual Bridgeland Nature Fest in Cypress, Texas.  What a great day despite looking like rain a large portion of the day! So glad I decided to risk the rain and go!  They had super fast shuttle service available at the Cy-Ranch High School and admission/parking were FREE!  


Exiting the Shuttle bus, This was what welcomed us festival visitors.


Liked these colorful pieces from the Austin Bike Zoo.


There were a TON of Food Truck Caravans!! You wouldn’t go hungry here (although broke and gaining weight is not looking good 🙂 ) !!20170428-IMG_7652

Next time I am checking out the Waffle Bus’s food – looks good!20170428-IMG_7653

Not bad prices for festival eats!20170428-IMG_7654

The residence of Bridgeland community have plenty to do on a daily basis!20170428-IMG_7658

Texas seems to be home of the Armadillo’s – they even had Armadillo Races!!!20170428-IMG_7682

I liked being able to touch one, just like this curious little festival goer!20170428-IMG_7692

What’s a festival without a train for the kiddos!20170428-IMG_7695

Let’s help out our nature friends and build them a bird house 🙂 20170428-IMG_7697

This is the stage where guests sat on both chairs and hay bales.  They had a wonderful line up of presenters!!! IMG_8597-1.JPG

HEB grocery store was there handing out free cupcakes! Nice!20170428-IMG_7708

How can you resist wanting to hold this cute little roo! 20170428-IMG_7714

I loved those dark, intense eyes!IMG_7716-1

Sorry, I forget what this one is called – if you know, please tell me!IMG_7905-1

Here we have the South American King Vulture, a scavenger that feed on the dead, thus preventing disease spread by disposing of decaying remains…If I saw one near me too close, they’d probably get their next meal from ME after I had heart failure!IMG_7919-1

Their colors are magnificent though!!IMG_7928-1

The females will just lay one single egg that both parents incubate. IMG_7865-1

You get Blog bonus points if you can tell me what this one is! Pretty sure it’s a Falcon. IMG_7834-1

May as well cover all the vultures – this is an African White Backed VultureIMG_7810-1

He just LOOKS hungry…and scary!IMG_7781-1

The Great Horned OwlIMG_7776-1

What a beautiful creature! Love those eyes!!!IMG_7982-1

If you know me, you know I am DEATHLY afraid of snakes…but guess what this is NOT a snake, but rather a lizard! I touched it (barely!) (baby steps!) 🙂 IMG_7988-1

All the kids and their adult people 🙂 were having a blast! The rock climbing looked almost safe enough for me to attempt 🙂 


Plenty of inflatable bouncy house type of activities for the kids!IMG_8619-1

What kid (or adult for that matter) doesn’t want to go exploring on the Fire Engine!IMG_8612-1

Chick-fil-a and Wild Things Zoofari were there on stage doing line dances and tossing out t-shirts and stuffed animalsIMG_8588-1

I’d have been happy with them throwing some Chick-fil-a sandwiches to us all 🙂 (I love that place!)IMG_8608-1

It really was a good day for kite flying too!IMG_8598-1

There was also what I will call a “Living Tree” wandering around. IMG_7992-1

She really DID blend in with the tree!IMG_7997-1

If I had on this make-up I would be tearing my face off! My skin just can’t tolerate face make-up (I learned this as a clown the hard way one year!!) IMG_8564-1Photo:   2 year old Hailey grabs the bubble

Little Hailey in the white,polkadot romper was the cutest little baby ever and was having the time of her life chasing after the bubbles!!!

Stayed tuned folks…more coming up including…..

Jeff Corwin, “Jeff is an American wildlife biologist and nature conservationist known as the host and executive producer of the Animal Planet television programs “The Jeff Corwin Experience” and “Corwin’s Quest.” 


Thanks as always for your support of Houston Photo Journey!!

Elizabeth and Max