Like Beer??? In Houston?? 2 FREE Tickets Giveaway!!! Whooo Hooo!!!!

Houston Photo Journey is proud to announce our partnership with Houston Press BrewFest 2017! But wait folks…that’s not all!!! I’m giving away TWO  F R E E   General Admission Tickets!!!!!! Sounds like a party to me! Food Trucks, Live Music, Craft Beers – Join me for a cold one!


I am dying of beer thirst and need fun in my life …. specifically on May 20th…Help… I NEED these 2 FREE Tickets!!!

How Do I Enter to Win the Two FREE General Admission Tickets???


  1.  Go to  comment on THIS POST – please keep it clean but  fun (Note:  In the comment field below, just skip the website area blank unless you wish to list your website – just need a name and email in order to comment below)
  2.  Then shoot me an email at with your name and age (MUST be 21+ years old) (No, you won’t be on any email, etc. lists!)

That’s it! The winner’s name will be announced on Monday, May 15, 2017 right here at    Good Luck!!!!

Deadline to enter is Saturday, May 13, 2017. Tickets will be emailed a few days before the event. Winner will be selected at random by my sidekick Max using the old “pull your name out of an ice chest method”.


When:  Saturday, May 20th, 2017

Time:  3pm – 7pm (General Admission)

Where:  Silver Street Station –  2000 Edwards St., Houston, TX 77007  

General Admission:  Includes access into the event at 3pm, live band entertainment and craft beer sampling – Eight (3 oz.) beer samples are included in the ticket price.  Additional drink samples are available for purchase.

VIP Admission:  Includes access into the event at 2pm (hour early), live band entertainment and craft beer sampling – Eight (3 oz.) beer samples are included in the ticket price.  Additional drink samples are available for purchase.  PLUS access to the VIP area with speciality beer sampling and complimentary appetizers! 

Age Requirement:  All guests must be 21+ years old with a valid I.D.

Join Houston Press and Lucky’s Pub at Silver Street Station as they celebrate the 5th Annual BrewFest! BrewFest in an indoor/outdoor beer sampling event and festival!

Can’t wait? Buy Tickets Here (Rain or Shine – no refunds)

Want a little sneak peak from last year’s event???


Thanks for stopping by and best of luck!!! Thank you to Houston Press!

Elizabeth and My Sidekick Max


Cheers From The Most Interesting Dog In The World!



Taiwan Yes Houston Festival

The Taiwanese Association of America led by Mr.  Kevin Chou, President has held this event the past four years.  Taiwan Yes Houston Festival is modeled after Taiwanese Night Markets.  Parking and admission were free and the rest of the costs for food, games, etc. I found to all be quite reasonable. Fun day!

Welcome to the Taiwan Yes Festival!


Enjoy all sorts of tasty treats!

Plenty of things to look at and shop – this lady was too fun!
Cute to see everyone having such fun at the ring toss game


Taiwanese Rapper Witness Huang
Cool musical ornaments (Ocarinas) and other goodies were available.


Everyone was having fun making these little paper umbrellas
The Dough Figurines were a huge hit too! Super cute!


This gentleman was amazing and make me an “English” one…it read “Be Happy” 
He had a quick wit and sense of humor!!
What a polite young man and good sport to pose for me 🙂 – thanks!
She was a sweet young lady and showed off their food
Pinball Wizard 🙂 
Home Depot was there to help with crafts


I have to say this crowd may have been the nicest crowd I’ve even seen!


While I won’t tell you their ages…the gentleman in the green shirt did and I was blown away.  Do you see the lady in the white jacket? Well, she was the most beautiful soul ever…sometimes one doesn’t need to speak in order to convey feelings and her touch to my arm and certain gestures just made me adore this kind and lovely lady. There was just something VERY special about her!!


I loved the excited children in awe of the puppet show!


Techno-dancing Third Prince (known as a divine prince with a playful and rebellious spirit)


Thanks Taiwanese Community Center and Taiwan Yes Houston Festival! Had a blast!

Elizabeth LaHoustonian

Canino Produce – Farmers Outlet in Houston, Texas – If you want fresh fruit at reasonable prices and stuff you may not find at your local supermarket – yep, tag along with me!

CANINO PRODUCE INC in Houston, Texas – a staple of Houston for fresh fruits and vegetables since 1958!

Upon your arrival, you will enter this wide, open plethora of fruits and veggies typically their prices are way less than in your traditional grocery store too! Canino Produce has been a staple in Houston for about a million years!!! Ok, maybe I am exaggerating …slightly…but since 1958 is a pretty long time…especially in Houston where it seems businesses are open one day and move locations or close the next.  Go Canino for staying power! Their address is 2520 Airline Drive, Houston, TX 77009.

Note:  While Canino’s accepts plastic payment, the other stalls in the back require cash so stop at an ATM before you go!

What a selection!!!
Plenty to choose from!
I’m such an idiot! I was so caught up in taking photos that I left empty-handed!!! I’ll be going back with plenty of room in my trunk!


The magical part…you walk through the Canino Produce store into this! Tons of vendors selling everything but mostly fruits and veggies.
Spices and dry goods there too!  Along with cookware!
I wasn’t even sure what all of the veggies and fruits are!
Lots of cool selections and it does get busy!!!
Doesn’t it all just look so fresh and inviting!


Lots of people were walking around eating these cute flower shaped fruits – mangos I think?
I wanted to just take a basket of each of these!!!
Get your heat on here!
Time to go and head to the next adventure!

Thank you so much for reading our little blog 🙂

Elizabeth and Max (patiently waiting for some banana!)

Tomball German Heritage Festival

Tomball, Texas did it up right! What’s my favorite 4-letter word???? Yes, “FREE”… admission!! It was time for the Tomball German Heritage Festival.  I had never been but saw it advertised so…off I went.  Tomball is just a short drive from Houston but has that small town vibe to it.  As we were expecting severe rains I think many people thought like me and decided to visit on Saturday, April 1st instead of trying their luck on Sunday – that said, it was a full house! The Tomball German Fest was quite well-organized and even had a free shuttle service at nearby large parking areas – I choose the Lone Star College parking lot and had an easy time of it.


PS If you missed this one, not to worry…mark your calendars for their Tomball German Christmas Market on December 8-10, 2017

Entering this free and fun festival
Fun to listen the German tunes and watch the young people dance
The boys were particularly entertaining to watch but all of them were great!!
Bummer that he was out of Apple Strudel when I arrived but his breads looked yummy!
Really fun band!!
I was surprised at how elaborate their outfits all were.
What a great way to raise money for The March of Dimes! Thanks guys!
I was rather partial to the metal blue bonnet piece
I was still in search of Apple Studel at this point as I saw someone with one and that’s all she wrote for me! 🙂
I swear the young man on the left jumped even higher than this plenty of times- of course not when I hit the shutter button!!
I liked the wooden Pinocchio figure
These performers were a blast to watch!
Ok, I still hadn’t found the Apple Strudel but OMG these were AMAZZZING! Yep, unhealthy me!
They’ll be getting their audience to participate soon!
Another band here was encouraging the family’s to enjoy!
London bridge is falling down falling down…
Brave little bungee jumpers 🙂
It was fun to see how many of the crowd members dressed for the occasion!
Plenty of pups enjoyed the day too!
The vendor booths varied quite a bit and the prices were pretty reasonable


Gotta have carnival games!!
Until next time…..

Thanks for your comments and taking the time to stop by!

Elizabeth and Max (Max doesn’t “do” large crowds)

(YouTube by Carlhen100)

El Bolillo Bakery – Houston, Texas – Get Your Mexican Bakery Yummmm On!!

If you look through reviews of Mexican Bakeries in Houston, you’ll see this slice of heaven consistently pop up – that said, off I went!! I have to say having now eaten there, I agree – this is one yumville (yes, I decided that’s a word!!), place! If you’re looking for a fun and tasty treat, check them out at 2517 Airline Drive, Houston, TX 77009 or call to place an order 713-861-8885.

El Bolillo Bakery is pretty packed non-stop so these fun and friendly folks will also help you navigate the next parking spot available while being kind enough to suggest ideas for yummy treats too! Houston’s full of nice, helpful people 🙂 !
You know I love any kind of art 🙂
Traditional art decorates this fun bakery
Grab ’em fresh!
I’ll take eight of these please?! 🙂
My photos just don’t do these cakes justice but ya get the idea 🙂 – I wanted to taste them ALL!!!
I had to exercise SOME restraint!
Even the cookies are happy!
Bad photo but delicious cookies!!!!! I think I was just shaking the camera in anticipation 🙂
I gained 10 pounds just looking!
Diabetes here I come!
These lovely ladies just stay swamped all day I think!!

So, next time you want some fantastic, authentic Mexican delights…head on over there!

Thanks for visiting and hope I didn’t leave ya’ll drooling!! 🙂 I hear they have amazing Tres Leches cakes too!!

Elizabeth and Max (nope, no doggie bag this time Max!)

Reyes Produce – Need a cute frog for your yard’s decor? Cowboy boots? Food? Día de los Muertos items? Maracas? Piñatas? Eats?


2426 Airline Dr, Houston, TX 77009

This is a charming place to visit, pick up a paella pan (if I cooked paella – but I love to eat it!), get spices, food, decor…party name it! I’m not sure how long they’ve been in business but I know from past visits that it’s been years!!! Nice cashier too by the way 🙂 . There are lots of other cool places nearby too!! I’ll post about some of the other gems nearby soon….like El Bolillo Bakery…yummmm!

I’d like to have a bunch of these along my fence in my backyard but then again there is a LOT of work I need to have done in my backyard but the heat here is already killing me 🙂
You can get it all here including some eats!
I have to tell you that those ponchos that are hanging up and really great! I should have bought one – better than a snuggie!
I love the eclectic vibe of this shop!!!
Ok, so I don’t think this dude is going in my living room but I love seeing all this cool stuff!

Until next time 🙂 – thank you for stopping by!!

Elizabeth and Max