Lake Livingston State Park – Livingston, Texas

Today we visit Lake Livingston State Park in Livingston, Texas. Why??? Truth???

…because my awesome daughter and new, wonderful son-in-law gave me a Texas State Park Pass so it’s free for 1 year for me to visit all the Texas State Parks! 🙂 Go me – I LOVE my gift!!! Lots of the parks are close enough for me to do a day trip but camping is on soon!!

If you’ve been following me, you now know that nearby is the Naskila Gaming (slot casino) and Johnson’s Rock Shop if you wanted to do a few other things close by while visiting Lake Livingston 🙂  – I wanted to visit Lake Tombigbee Campgrounds, which is also close by but couldn’t cram it all in one day.

Enjoy some good ole fishing and relax in Lake Livingston State Park

Enjoy some good ole fishing and relax!

Or go canoeing on Lake Livingston in Livingston Texas
Or go canoeing on Lake Livingston
Pack a picnic or go camping there in Lake Livingston State Park
Pack a picnic or go camping there!
Looks relaxing huh? :)
Looks relaxing huh? 🙂
I need to be retired and rich and travel all the parks in the US!


Ok, nap time now!!

Note:  (taken from Lake Livingston State Park’s Facebook):

Lake Livingston State Park is hosting a special Birds of Prey program March 26.

A falconer will showcase hawks, falcons and eagles and demonstrate how these ‘masters of the sky’ spot and catch their prey.

Details on the Events tab at

Please let me know if any of you have other suggestions and I’ll try to add them to my list of places to visit 🙂 

Enjoy! And thanks for visiting and your comments and feedback!!!

Max and his human companion…Elizabeth

Naskila Gaming-Alabama Coushatta Tribe Gambling Fun – Livingston, TX

I seldom gamble because honestly, I can’t be throwing away my money which is the mindset I think one must have to go on a gambling trip – that you’re ok to lose a designated amount as entertainment. Anyway, when I woke up I had no idea I’d be playing slots! My intention – drive to check out Lake Livingston – somehow I always end up detouring when making plans!!!  Then, I saw a billboard for Naskila gaming and had no idea it even existed! (Can we say Attention deficit Disorder-yep, that’s me (for real)!…turned the car in that direction). Thought we Houstonians had to drive to Lake Charles, Louisiana to gamble but nope – since it’s on the Alabama-Coushatta tribe grounds it’s ok.  Well, for the moment at least as The State of Texas is trying still to close it down but for now…cha ching! When I arrived, I was greeted by a very nice lady who even helped me get the contact information for nearby Johnson’s Rock Shop that I had wanted to visit.  To the right of the  friendly lady with the beautiful salt and pepper long hair (not ugly white like mine until dye eliminates that white!), was a guy singing All My Ex’s Live in Texas…nice way to enter any venue…friendly faces and good music! The venue itself is tiny, a little restaurant and gift shop and 365 slot/”bingo” machines with a smoking and non-smoking section.   While you play, a staff member will come by offering paper cups with straws of soft drinks.  I had a great time and played the penny slots for about 2 hours and only lost about $2 and that includced tip money for the drinks.  Fun time had by me – of course winning a million dollars would have made it even better but trust me, losing $2 – I consider that pretty good for 2 hours of random, unexpected fun 🙂 and really nice staff (didn’t encounter one rude person there!) – I’m big on good “customer service” – 5 stars for their team! Next time, I’ll see what else is available at the Alabama-Coushatta tribe area….maybe I will actually make it there instead of another detour 🙂

Thanks for visiting! Love to hear any feedback as always!

Max and his human, Elizabeth