Random Shots Around Houston

Time for a photo “roundup”… it’s so unique to Houston to be able to have a bustling city atmosphere and then 3 minutes later see Longhorns – gotta love Houston! 🙂 


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Beach Time at Galveston, Texas with Max

What does a rational person do once she learns Tropical Storm Cindy wasn’t going to hit Houston badly? Yep, drive to the beach on Saturday! It was looking unpredictable if it would rain or not in Galveston, Texas so I figured I’d get storm photo shots or enjoy the beach as either way it was going to rain by my house so why not….

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Stephen F. Austin State Park in San Felipe, Texas (short drive from Houston)

Today we are off to see Stephen F. Austin State Park – less than an 30-45 minute drive from Houston and a great place to camp!

While I didn’t go camping on this outting, I included some photos from when my daughter and I and our pups went camping in 2015. We had a blast camping there and did some geocaching there too.  Let me tell ya…finding a micro-geocache is hard (full credit to my daughter finding that one!)!!! The trails there are well-kept and plenty of birds can be spotted here too…especially my red cardinals 🙂 

Nice playground area
Our old tent

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MLK & LBJ in San Marcos

What’s at the intersection of East Martin Luther King Drive and South Lyndon Baines Johnson Drive in San Marcos, Texas?  The Crossroads Memorial Sculpture designed by Sculpturist, Aaron Hussey.  Mr. Hussey won a national competition to design the sculpture.  Hays County donated the land the piece sits on, The Crossroads Committee raised $7,000 for the art and The City of San Marcos $100,000. What a wonderful collaborative effort to make this intersection famous.

Interesting to learn San Marcos, Texas is the only place in the world where the two men’s streets intersect.  

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Cullen Park in Houston, Texas

The Corps of Engineers agreed to lease a huge piece of land in 1973 to the City of Houston.  This is now Cullen Park.  It’s over 9,200 acres.  The acres however, are chopped up a bit with various access parts into the park.  There are baseball fields, soccer fields, pavilions, picnic areas, grills, paved trails, an old, historic cemetery,  multiple playground areas, water playground and even an archery range.

IMG_9193-1 (1)

Soccer team are always out in full force every weekend

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City of Katy Off Leash Dog Park

IMG_8822-1 (1)

Since I was recently in Katy, Texas with Max to check out Mary Jo Peckham Park, I decided to go next door to the City Of Katy Off Leash Dog Park.  They have a little pups area that is more for dogs Max sized and then the big dog area.  Max loves to go to the big park area as it’s so much more room to wander, so a let him as long as I don’t see any ruff  🙂 pups and I leave his leash on but let it drag behind him in case I need to grab him quickly. IMG_8791-1

Max loves to just spend forever sniffing! Whatever makes him happy 🙂 IMG_8950-1

Met all sorts of friendly little pups there.

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