Contemporary Arts Museum – Houston, TX

Today we visit the Contemporary Arts Museum.  It’s just entirely too hot now to do many outdoor activities so Max and I are going to see what kind of indoor fun we can have 🙂 ….and admission…FREE!!!

What better than a pint sized Superman to make “a Better Yesterday” 
Assembly:  Ghazi Stadium – 2013. Each of the hand printed, colored and silkscreened tickets represent 25,00 seated bodies and corresponds to the venue’s capacity. (Paul Ramirez Jonas)
Mi Casa, Su Casa – 2005 – Paul Ramirez Jonas

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The Jung Center – Houston, Texas

(Above Photo:  Peter Valles (Engineering by John Buckley) Cat and Mouse)

Founded in 1958, The C. G. Jung Educational Center of Houston, Texas, Inc. is a nonprofit educational institution dedicated to continuing education for the human spirit through psychology, spirituality, and the arts and humanities. Our educational and outreach programs enrich lives and enlighten the spirit. Our classes promote a journey of personal growth and a deepening commitment to the community we share. (Source:

Had never visited The Jung Center before and heard they had a cool gallery so off I went to see for myself.

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San Felipe de Austin State Historical Site And The Lovely Ms. Anice Divin

The first weekend in June, I headed out for the day – just hopped in the car and decided to see where to road took me 🙂 

I ended up here, in front of the San Felipe de Austin State Historical Site.  It’s right around the corner practically from Stephen F. Austin State Park so I was shocked that I hadn’t visited earlier as I’ve camped at the park several times.  This is where Stephen F. Austin began the town of San Felipe de Austin in Mexican Texas back in 1823.  

The area is pristine and tranquil

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Dick’s Classic Garage Car Museum in San Marcos, Texas (DISCOUNT OFFER INSIDE!)

Welcome to a car lovers fantasy!

While browsing online, I came across Dick’s Classic Garage Car Museum in San Marcos, Texas.  It looked so interesting that I reached out to the Museum Curator, Mr. Thom Fortney to learn more and arrange a visit.  Mr. Fortney was so unbelievably kind and helpful – I can’t thank him enough!

I really was impressed to learn they also offer FREE school tours! Nice to see them doing that to benefit our youth!

You’ll find knowledgeable, friendly staff members like Ms.  Amanda Bird ready to answer any of your questions.

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Across The Street from The Museum of Fine Arts in Houston…

If you happen to be visiting the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston, Texas then you have an added bonus…and it’s…FREE (my favorite four letter word!)!! Lillie and Hugh Roy Cullen have done lots of generous things for our city and here is another one! The Sculpture Garden!  It’s not huge – maybe 1 acre I’d guess, but it’s nice to take a leisure stroll through the garden and see what’s there. The garden was designed by American. Isamu Noguchi, who was a famous artist himself.  He was a famous sculptor, furniture maker, lamp designer and landscape architect. (Noguchi sounds like he did it ALL…well, sorta like eh um a Mom! Yes, I’m in a silly mood)

Adam – (1889) is a bronze piece by  Emile-Antoine Bourdelle
Spirit of Eternal Repose – (Modeled 1898-99 and Cast 1982) by French Artist Auguste Rodin
Two Circle Sentinel – (1961) by David Smith (stainless steel)
The Pilgrim – (1939) a bronze piece by Marino Marini
New Forms (1991-92) is a bronze by Tony Cragg
Decanter – (1987) by Frank Stella (This is my personal favorite)
Flora, Nude  – (1910 – Cast 1960-65) by Aristide Maillol
The Large Horse – (1914) by Raymond Duchamp-Villon (I really like this piece a lot too!)

Enjoy a moment of tranquility!

Thanks for visiting and if you have any places in/near Houston you’d like me to visit, just let me know in the comment section below!

Elizabeth and Max (The Dog Artist) 🙂



The Museum of Fine Arts in Houston, Texas

Welcome to The Museum of Fine Arts here in H-town! Come see what it has to offer on this visit with me!  The above photo is of the “The Light Inside” the colors change every few minutes.  The museum does a fine job of getting great exhibits along with housing the permanent exhibits.

You’ll find this Joan Miro piece outside the front of the museum.  (1968-81) Titled Oiseau (Bird) (Note:  Houston also has another, colorful Miro piece in downtown Houston called Personage and Birds located in front of the JP Morgan Chase Building)
You’ll see Warhol in the lobby area of the entrance
Interested in this kind of thing – here ya go!
Jackson Pollock’s “Number 6” (1949)
Franz Kline’s “Orange and Black Wall” (1959)
Willem De Kooning’s “Figure in a Landscape” (1966)
I LOVE this piece by Louis Comfort Tiffany made by Tiffany Studios!!!! It’s stunning! “A Wooden Landscape in Three Panels” (1905)
Arthur B. Carles’s Untitled (Cubist Still Life) (1935)
Bet you can guess???…Georgia O’Keeffe’s “From Pink Shell” (1931)
Abraham Bloemaert’s “The Gateway to a Town” (1630) – Hard to imagine this is soooo old!!!
What’s a museum without Vincent van Gogh? “Cottage” (1885)
Pablo Picasso (One of my personal favorites) “Woman With a Large Hat” (1962) (Here he portray’s his second wife, Jacqueline Roque.
“The Corn Poppy” by Kees van Dongen (1919) I just think is sort of mesmerizing for some reason. Maybe I just like her hat and huge eyes.
Claude Monet – “Water Lilies (Nympeas) (1907)
Henri Matisse “Le Chant (The Song)” (1938)
Jean-Baptiste Oudry “Allegory of Europe” (1722) – I love the odd mixtures found in this painting – has a little something for everyone!
The Exhibit Cloth of Silk, Cloth of Color

Hope you enjoyed the trip to the Houston Museum of Fine Arts! Let me know which are YOUR favorites!!!

Museum Conquerors,

Elizabeth and Max

Crazy, Odd Exhibit at The Museum of Fine Art in Houston, TX – Ron Mueck

If you live in Houston and are planning to visit this exhibit STOP READING this post now!! I wouldn’t want to ruin any of its surprises :).

In truth, I never heard of Ron Mueck before, but I had seen some advertisements for the “hyperrealistic” artist and the latest exhibit by him at The Museum of Fine Arts here in Houston, Texas.  It looked odd but interesting so off I went! Turns out Mueck is Australian born to German parents who were interestingly toy makers so he grew up making puppets and such-even did work with Jim Henson. You’ll also find his creations in Labyrinth and The Storyteller movies – who knew?! (Not me!)  He worked in TV and film in the US and London prior to switching over to art in the mid 1990’s. I have to say, this is unlike anything I have ever seen – they are all so life-like its bizarre to experience!! Enjoy!

Young Couple – 2013

Untitled (Seated Woman) 1999
Crouching Boy In Mirror (1999-2002)
Two Women (2005)
A Girl (2006)
Had to get the other visitors in the shot to show the SIZE!!!


Still LIfe (2009)
Youth (2009)
I didn’t want to completely freak out any of you that may have been reading while drinking hot coffee, but had I posted this photo from the OTHER angle you would have seen a VERY detailed view of this sculpture including the baby’s still attached umbiilcal cord to both mother and child.  While I wouldn’t care as it IS art…I wouldn’t want readers to spill their coffee 🙂 as her anatomy is very correct!
Couple under an umbrella – 2013


The detail is amazing!!


Stay tuned for more adventures and as always, I appreciate your comments and reading!


Elizabeth and Max