Sylvan Beach Park in La Porte, Texas

Sylvan Beach Park in La Porte, Texas was a pleasant surprise …sort of…

Having had some other things to do in La Porte, Texas, I decided to check out Sylvan Beach for the first time. ¬†Well, good news/bad news…of course I just “happened” to go when they were getting ready for a huge firework show and event with Clay Walker singing, etc. so the beach was closed! However, good news is that I was allowed to hurry and snap a few quick photos as a favor and will likely return soon ūüôā ! It seemed nice, quite and pretty. ¬†Just not sure if that was due to it being closed or not…stay tuned on that part ūüôā¬†

What a clean and pretty little beach – it’s located at¬†636 N Bayshore Dr., La Porte, TX 77571
Hours:  Mon-Sun: 7:00am to 10:00pm
Ruddy Turnstone –¬†The oldest recorded Ruddy Turnstone was a male, and at least 16 years, 11 months old, when he was recaptured and rereleased during banding operations in New Jersey in 2012. He had been banded in Delaware in 2001 (Source: ¬†

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My Red Cardinal (and Bird Obsession), at Bear Creek Park in Houston, Texas

As my daughter’s ‚ÄúHoosier‚ÄĚ Dad pointed out recently, the Northern Cardinal is Indiana’s Official State Bird and has been since 1933. However, Indiana is not alone…Illinois, West Virginia, Kentucky, Ohio, North Carolina, and Virginia all choose this as their State Bird!¬† The males are the beautiful red ones, the females are the brown ones with reddish wings. ¬†I just think they are beautiful and sound so cheerful! To me, they have always been associated with a sign of good luck and happiness! I always tell my kids, when I see my Red Cardinals, I know it’s a good omen and will be a wonderful day!¬†

I was driving through Bear Creek park the other day and stumbled on this beautiful Red Cardinal about to take a bird bath so I had to stick around!


Splish splash he was taking a bath…

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Cullen Park in Houston, Texas

The Corps of Engineers agreed to lease a huge piece of land in 1973 to the City of Houston. ¬†This is now Cullen Park. ¬†It’s over 9,200 acres. ¬†The acres however, are chopped up a bit with various access parts into the park. ¬†There are baseball fields, soccer fields, pavilions, picnic areas, grills,¬†paved trails, an old, historic cemetery, ¬†multiple playground areas, water playground and even an archery range.

IMG_9193-1 (1)

Soccer team are always out in full force every weekend

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Mary Jo Peckham Park – Katy, Texas

Mary Jo Peckham Park at 5597 Gardenia Lane, Katy, TX 77493 is a beautiful 32 acre park in the heart of Katy, Texas that was built in 1991 and designed to provide fun for children, families, elderly and those with disabilities in mind. ¬†Want to play 18 rounds of miniature golf? Either bring your own gear or stop by the community center and borrow a putter and ball from them – FREE! Please call for their hours and rules but pretty sure you still just need a Texas Driver’s License to borrow or use the facilities.20170429-IMG_8649

Photo: Micah was having fun at the park with her Mom

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Good old Katy, Texas

Today we explore a city near Houston called Katy, Texas, founded in the 1890’s! So what do I think of when I think of Katy???IMG_9026-1

Trains! Katy used to be a real hot spot for railways back in the day!IMG_9028-1
Quaint little parks like this near the caboose above.

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Across The Street from The Museum of Fine Arts in Houston…

If you happen to be visiting the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston, Texas then you have an added bonus…and it’s…FREE (my favorite four letter word!)!! Lillie and Hugh Roy Cullen have done lots of generous things for our city and here is another one! The Sculpture Garden! ¬†It’s not huge – maybe 1 acre I’d guess, but it’s nice to take a leisure stroll through the garden and see what’s there. The garden was¬†designed by American.¬†Isamu Noguchi, who was a famous artist himself. ¬†He was a famous sculptor, furniture maker, lamp designer and landscape architect. (Noguchi sounds like he did it ALL…well, sorta like eh um a Mom! Yes, I’m in a silly mood)

Adam Р(1889) is a bronze piece by  Emile-Antoine Bourdelle
Spirit of Eternal Repose – (Modeled 1898-99 and Cast 1982) by French Artist Auguste Rodin
Two Circle Sentinel – (1961) by David Smith (stainless steel)
The Pilgrim – (1939) a bronze piece by Marino Marini
New Forms (1991-92) is a bronze by Tony Cragg
Decanter – (1987) by Frank Stella (This is my personal favorite)
Flora, Nude  Р(1910 РCast 1960-65) by Aristide Maillol
The Large Horse – (1914) by Raymond Duchamp-Villon (I really like this piece a lot too!)

Enjoy a moment of tranquility!

Thanks for visiting and if you have any places in/near Houston you’d like me to visit, just let me know in the comment section below!

Elizabeth and Max (The Dog Artist) ūüôā



Kickerillo-Mischer Preserve Grand Opening!

Saturday, April 1, 2017 was the Grand Opening of The Kickerillo-Mischer Preserve¬†at 20215 Chasewood Park Drive, Houston, Texas¬†77070. ¬†It’s an 80 acre park with approximately 40 of the acres being Marshall Lake. ¬†There is a nice, wide, paved 1.7 mile trail that surrounds the lake along with beautiful trees. Various members of Harris County Precinct¬†4 worked diligently with the help of Prestonwood Forest Utility District and the generous land donation by Vincent Kickerillo and Kickerillo Companies and Walt Mischer, Jr.,¬†Mischer Investments. Harri County Commissioner of Precinct 4, Mr. Jack Cagle was instrumental in getting this project completed along with Dennis Johnston, Harris County Precint 4 Parks Administrator, Jim Robertson¬†and so many more that were mentioned at the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony that I couldn’t remember everyone – but thanks to all!!!

I had never been to a Preserve or Park’s Grand Opening so I decided this would be a first! So happy I went! There were free Pontoon Boat rides around the lake, free canoe rides, Multiple passenger Golf Cart rides around the 1.7 mile trail, cookies, sodas, water, food trucks, scavenger hunts and booths illustrating more about our parks, etc. ¬†I was fortunate enough to ride the second Pontoon boat I believe and had a super nice guide telling us more about the park and future plans including its’¬†eventual connection to the 100 Acre Wood Preserve. ¬†He said an alligator, bald eagle, beaver and lots of birds have already been spotted. ¬†I believe he was also a part of “Trails as Parks” which I plan to further explore as apparently if you can gather a group of 10 or more you are really able to capitalize on their services such as the pontoon boat ride, etc.

Anyway, had a blast – here’s the photos!


Marshall Lake and the Pontoon boat (waiting for the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony to begin).
Food truck were ready for the celebration.
Here’s the layout of the new park
The Scouts presented our flags to kick off the Grand Opening
Plenty of folks showed up for the Grand Opening
Dennis Johnston, Harris County Precinct 4 Parks Administrator – you could see his passion towards this project and dedication.
R. Jack Cagle, Harris County Precinct 4 Commissioner showing off the Park’s new patches designating the Park stripe. I will say Mr. Cagle was quite the entertaining presenter.
Walt Mischner, Jr. and R. Jack Cagle
Vincent Kickerillo, who was pretty darn funny and R. Jack Cagle
Kevin Roberts, State Representative for House District 126 and his pretty wife, Hollie.  He and his wife seemed like very nice people.
Let’s cut that ribbon and officially open this Preserve!
Marshall Lake – taken while on the 1.7 mile track tour


I’m ready to ride!
Here we go!
I feel awful that I neglicted to get this nice gentleman’s name, but he was a wonderful guide! You can tell how much he loves his job too!! Nice to hear that!!
Booths set up to schedule the Pontoon rides, Golf Cart Trail Tours and more activities.  All of the booth folks were extremely nice and helpful!
Lots of people opted to try canoeing and these two gentlemen were VERY patient and sweet helping everyone get in without tumbling over ūüôā

Thanks to everyone for the Grand Opening but more importantly, another great park and Preserve!

Until next time…thanks for visiting!!

Elizabeth and Max (he said it was too hot out for him to tag along-he’s such a spoiled little¬†pup! ūüôā )

YouTube by Spring Aerial Photography