San Jacinto Day Festival and Battlefield Reenactment 2017 – Part One

(Above photo:  Mr. Bill Lewis and Mrs. Kaye Lewis – Houston Area Square Dance)

I met this charming couple in their Square Dance attire and HAD to get their photo to help illustrate the fun of the day ahead.

Saturday, May 22, 2017 was the San Jacinto Day Festival and Battlefield Reenactment. It’s one of those events I’ve heard about for years and thought – maybe? This year I made it a point to check it out.  So glad I did!  I met some extraordinary people and the festival itself was extremely well organized! Parked at a chemical company parking lot – signage stating “Take a photo of what lot you are in” – happy I did! A shuttle then picked up our group in the G parking area.  Fast forward to leaving the event after the Reenactment – I thought we would be in a massive shuttle exit line, but it was probably the BEST organized shuttle line system I’ve ever seen in a festival situation! Kuddos to whomever organized that part of the festival!!! Great Job! Oh, bonus…parking and the festival entry were my favorite four letter word…FREE :)!

Note:  This festival series will be spread over several posts as I met far too many interesting people to put everything in one post so “stay tuned”!!


Who was the first person I couldn’t help notice upon exiting the shuttle? The fun and lively “Mama Goose”.  Mama is a second grade reading teacher at Channelview ISD at DeZavala Elementary school and is the author of “Reading and Rhyming with Mama Goose” Mama Goose gears her words towards K-6th grade audiences.  Ms. Goose was additionally awarded Teacher of the Year within Channelview ISD and is a motivational speaker.  So lovely to meet someone promoting the importance and fun of reading to our youth and in such a magical manner!



What child wouldn’t be entranced by Mama Goose reading them a story?! I just personally, really loved Mama’s positive energy and passion! 

Ok, so far we have the Lewis square dancing couple and Mama Goose… gosh, I barely got off the shuttle and into the festival!


The San Jacinto Monument (click link at beginning of post to read more about the day and history-no sense in me retyping it :)) 


The crowds were fun and lots of families were out enjoying one of our great weather days! 


Mr. Paul Washington represented the Buffalo Soldiers National Museum well to the delight of many of us festival attendees – he was a super nice gentleman too.


(Above Top Two Photos:  Mr. Paul Washington-The Buffalo Soldiers National Museum-Houston, Texas)

Mr. Washington speaks to inquisitive crowds at the festival, generously sharing his knowledge.  (we’ll learn plenty more about the Buffalo Soldiers Museum soon – promise! It warrant’s it’s own post!!)

Hope you enjoyed Part One of the San Jacinto Day Festival and Battle Reenactment!  Stay tuned for more fun – promise it won’t be what you expect!

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Elizabeth and Max (he refused to attend once I explained it was an outdoor event as his majesty prefers the inside during hotter weather, his air conditioning and a light blanket!) 

Max a few years ago-still just as cute!


Review: Wedding Photographer in Houston

Review: Houston’s Ammar Selo Photography – he was my daughter’s wedding photographer

Wedding Photographer Review Time:  While I’ve had the privilege recently of seeing numerous friends and co-worker’s wedding photos, they just don’t compare to the photos of my daughter’s wedding photos (not because it’s my daughter, but because the quality was phenomenal! As I would be ten times more picky about her photos!!)  Ammar Selo Photography was chosen for her and her hubby’s special day.  Of course I had gone online to research Mr. Selo’s work and thought it was outstanding, but when it’s YOUR child getting married… you want PERFECT!!! Indeed, PERFECT is what we received! I really cannot recommend this photographer enough!! He managed to capture images far exceeding our hopes and dreams and did so under some challenging circumstances to say the least! He was super fast with the photo previews, was practically invisible during the ceremony and reception yet blew our minds when we saw the photos! He was EARLY, captured those of us (ah…that’d be me that need to lose weight) in the best (i.e. slimming) flattering manner along with the rest of the guests, was very respectful and polite and just overall a pleasure to work with on this most special day!

Note:  Mr. Selo has no idea I am writing this and therefore, it is an honest, unsolicited, review for those of you struggling to pick that perfect wedding day photographer.  I don’t take putting my name of recommendation of anyone lightly! But this guy is great! Wedding Wire shows some reviews (all 5 stars which is the best score you can get) and I now see that he was won the 2017 Couple’s Choice Award – that makes me happy to learn. Very reasonable pricing too.

Advice:  Be clear and honest about your expectations when hiring Mr. Selo about what sort of photos you are looking to get and what you do and don’t like.  My daughter and her husband were and the results were incredible! I would additionally suggest booking early!

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Max and his Human known as Ma

Review: Case Logic SLRC-206 SLR Camera and 15.4-Inch Laptop Backpack

Almost two years ago, I started to try learning my new Canon Rebel T31 camera and a little about photography as I’ve always loved taking photos, then discovering all the hidden little treasures your actual eyes didn’t notice at the time.  To tell you the honest truth, for a while I just used a thrift store, solid black, diaper back to carry my camera and some neoprene cases to hold the 2 lens I had.  While that didn’t work out too bad, once I started investing more money – I wanted to protect my investments! That’s when I began my research on camera purses, bags, cases, etc. I ended up buying the Case Logic SLRC-206 SLR Camera and 15.4-Inch Laptop Backpack from Amazon for around $80.  I was able to watch this a YouTube Review I saw on Amazon by NiceOne but it’s no longer up on YouTube so here is another look at it instead 🙂 from JRESHOW .  

What was important to me:

  • I don’t want it to scream “rob me..I have expensive camera gear in this backpack!”
  • Needed to be as light weight as possible (I have a bad back)
  • Good padding for shoulders so it’s comfortable
  • Sturdy (duh on that, but I LOVE the hard bottom so you can stand the backpack on wet grass, etc. and just wipe it later)
  • Lots of pockets as when I am on a “photographic adventure” I use it as my purse too
  • Well made to protect my Camera and lens and adjustable velcro compartments so I can customize to fit my particular lens/storage needs
  • Outside, easy access pockets for cell, keys and pepper spray (ya never know-best to be safe).
  • Easy access to the actual camera without having to open the entire bag!
  • Reasonably priced (that’s a biggie) but quality!!
  • A place for a water hydration pack which is what I use the laptop area for in the hot, Houston summers and or a rain cover, book, etc. (but your laptop would certainly be safe in the padded area).

Would I buy it again is the real question???…Yes!

Note:  As of the time of this post, I have zero affiliation with either Amazon (other than buying from them) or Case Logic and have received not a darn thing for this review in any way, shape or form. Just trying to share good deals with you 🙂

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Max’s Human and Max