Hurricane Harvey – What Can You Do?

Hurricane Harvey struck here in Texas.  I know a fellow blogger who had to evacuate along with my sweet niece and her soon-to-be hubby from Corpus Christi and Port Aransas, Mustang Island areas, then here in Houston the flooding is disastrous too.  I will obviously not be blogging for a while, but thought if anyone wants to help, here is a link to the Red Cross – (specifically for the Hurricane Harvey) affected people. Red Cross is always one of the first groups willing to offer help and I personally, feel safe donating to them always.  Prayers to all those affected.

Thanks for listening and God Bless.

Elizabeth and Max


Let’s Learn About Houston(s) Today

(Above photo from U.S. National Archives and Records Administration/Wikimedia Commons/www.Texasmonthly)

Founded on August 30, 1836 by Augustus and John Allen, known as “The Allen Brothers” who paid slightly over $1.40 an acre for 6,6642 acres.  Houston is named after Sam Houston, who was also an honorary member of the Cherokee nation, commander of the military and a politician that led the battle for Texas’s independence from Mexico. Mr. Sam Houston also had a bit of an “anger management issue” and once viciously beat up Congressman William Stanbery with his hickory walking cane for saying derogatory things while on the floor of congress about him and the Cherokees! Congressman Stanbery however, later would raise a pistol to Sam Houston and tried shooting Mr. Houston in the chest but the gun jammed saving Houston’s life! Houston did face charges though, but guess who was his defense attorney?? None other than Francis Scott Key! Key was probably best suited for authoring songs like our National Anthem though, as Houston was found guilty and fined $500 which he refused to ever pay.

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The Commemorative Air Force Houston Wing and Museum-Houston, Texas

What a cool experience it was to visit The Commemorative Air Force Houston Wing at 18000 Groschke Road, Hanger #B-5, Houston, Texas 77084.  My only complaint…that I didn’t allow enough time to visit it longer as I had a party to attend.  

“The Commemorative Air Force honors the men and women who built, maintained, and flew in these airplanes   during World War II. The organization believes that is best accomplished by maintaining the airplanes in flying condition; taking the airplanes to the people allowing them to experience the sight and sound of the aircraft in flight.” (Source:


The museum is open on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of each month from 10am – 3pm. Telephone Number is 281-579-2131

The Fairchild PT-19 “Cornell” 

The Houston Wing is based at West Houston Airport, in Houston, Texas, USA. The Wing has six CAF aircraft assigned – Lockheed C-60A “Lodestar”, North American AT-6 “Texan”, Consolidated-Vultee BT-13 “Valiant”. Naval Aircraft Factory N3N “Yellow Peril”, Fairchild PT-19A “Cornell” and a major restoration project, a North American L‑17 Navion

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The Singing Seamstress?!?! Russian Nesting Dolls? What Give’s In Houston?! Alterations And Sewing With Flare!

Just when you think you’ve seen it all….I had the extreme pleasure of meeting “The Singing Seamstress”!  
That would be Ms. Heather Gabriel.  My beautiful niece is getting married soon to her perfect mate so off to find a seamstress…she found Heather based on great, (21 of them and ALL FIVE STARS), reviews from and a few other searches. My daughter accompanied my niece to the first appointment and called me immediately telling me how much I would adore Ms. Gabriel.  She was correct! I did attend the second fitting and from the moment you walk up to her door, you can see and feel Heather’s sewing passion!!! Sometimes a photo IS worth a thousand words!! 
One of the first things that really grabbed me was this….but then she opens her door…
Then I saw a HUGE collection of matryoshka dolls, (Russian nesting dolls), Ms. Gabriel had on display and was dumbfounded!!  As it turns out, Heather began her Matryoshkas collection in college, but the fascination goes much further back than that. When The Singing Seamstress was a little girl, she watched the Sesame Street show and they had a segment where they took apart a Russian doll and stopped motion filming and put it back together. She thought it was the coolest thing ever – art you can play with!! It appealed to the kid in her and it appeals to the adult in her now, does me too! I think Heather and I both like that simply by looking at them you can’t tell how many dolls are inside.

Of course next, I HAD to know how she came to be called “The Singing Seamstress”? Ends up that Ms. Gabriel is a classically trained opera singer and actress right here from the University of Houston! Go figure?!? She says it was one of her theater friends who first dubbed her “The Singing Seamstress”.  Heather has acted in performances for Stage Door with roles such as  Maria in the Sound of Music, Mrs. Lovett in Sweeney Todd and genderbent Scrooge in Christmas Carol to name a few. I’m jealous too of her travels to places like Alaska, Hawaii, England, Scotland, Ireland! Although she still has dreams of one day traveling to all of the countries that her ancestors are from like Sweden, Norway, France, Germany, Czech Republic, Romania, Poland. Certainly shopping for Matryoshkas in Russia is on her future bucket list too!  “The Singing Seamstress” would like to play Mama Rose in Gypsy, Ursula in Little Mermaid and Miss Mona in Best Little Whorehouse in Texas too.  I have no doubt she will eventually do them all! 



Getting back to sewing….as my niece came to her for wedding dress alterations, I know of her awesome skills now, but others may not.  I asked how “The Singing Seamstress” first became interested in sewing.  She replied, “I started sewing when I was nine years old. My mother taught me. It wasn’t until I was in my 30’s however, that I got very seriously into costuming. I had an assistant who worked for me who was the head of costuming for a very large medieval festival and she helped me hone my skills.”
It was only a matter of time before couldn’t stop myself from asking Heather to share a bridal story with me! Here we go …”One thing that working with the public does for you is increase your cache of stories A thousandfold. One of my favorite stories is I had a frazzled bride call me in a panic as she got halfway to my studio before she realized that she had forgotten her dress and had to turn around to go get it. She was so wound up when she got here that I knew we would not be able to do a fitting. So after ascertaining her preference of wine and chocolate, I commanded  her to sit and proceeded to place both in front of her. I sat down with her, poured the wine and we talked for an hour while she calmed down. After that we did the fitting. The funny part is that the next two fittings went exactly the same.” 
Bottom line is Heather Gabriel is not only a wonderful, very reasonably priced seamstress, but a heck of a fascinating person! I would highly recommend her for any of your alterations, costumes or special projects. Contact her here or call  (713) 742-2217 or via Facebook.  You’ll love her! 
Thanks for visiting!!
Elizabeth and Max (Urrr…Max is already buggin’ me about his Halloween costume….Oh Heather….HELP!!!)


Houston’s Big Bucks…”Baby Got Back”…Greenbacks! But We Also Have Folks With A Lot Of Heart!!

Forbes recently released its list of  “The World’s Billionaires” list for 2017.  Guess who just BARELY missed it again this year?!!! Ok, I MAY have missed it by a LOT 🙂 !!!

The richest lady in Texas according to their list?  Yep, you guessed it!!!  That honor goes to  67-year-old, Alice Walton.  Name familiar? Yep, she is an heir to Sam Walton, founder of Wal-Mart! What’s her net worth? $38 BILLION!!!!! I don’t know about you but I think maybe Alice needs to buy Elizabeth and Max a new car!!! All I want is a Honda Civic with all the bells and whistles…don’t need a darn Lexus.  Help a sista out Alice!!

Who is the wealthiest Houstonian according to Forbes?? That’d be 72-year-old, Richard Kinder who is the founder and executive chairman of Kinder Morgan. They estimate his wallet at $7.2 BILLION!!! Pretty sure he could gift me a Honda Civic too…although I might need to knock off some of the added features 🙂 Actually, after my car’s air conditioning went out recently with heat indexes over 100, I’m just thankful as all get out to have air again!!!

Glass half full??? They are poverty-stricken when compared to Bill Gate’s $86 BILLION!! I wonder where Max is on the list of wealth??? 🙂 

Granted, I have no doubt Alice, Richard and Bill give their fair share to charity but today I watched the news and thought…this guy has TRUE wealth!!! Allow me to introduce Mr. Rocky Synder.  He may not be on the money list but he’s a top 10 guy in my opinion!

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Texas’s Very Own “Rockstar Realtor” Paul Gomberg

(Above photo courtesy of Paul Gomberg)

Meet Paul Gomberg, The “Rockstar Realtor” .  I actually stumbled on Mr. Gomberg while doing research for another blogpost but thought he was so interesting and a tad crazy 🙂 , that I wanted to introduce you to him too! 

As y’all know here in Texas….it’s go big or go home!! Paul is definitely a “Go Big” type of guy!!! Oh, and that mentality seems to run in the family but wait….we’ll get to that soon…you won’t want to miss out!!

Yale Grill and Gifts in the Historic Houston Heights Area in Houston, Texas – Step Back in Time to 1923!

My awesome sister gets all the credit for this discovery! Yale Grill and Gifts has been a Houston landmark since 1923!!!! This was back when Corn Flakes cost .10 cents for an 8 oz. package, a pound of bread was a mere .08 cents, the first issue of Time magazine was published and flapper style clothing was in vogue.  I’d guess this makes it one of, if not THE oldest diner in Houston!  Once inside you’ll notice half of the place is the diner and half an antique store.  The part that is now Lovejoys Antiques and Collectibles used to house the long gone Yale Pharmacy. Continue reading “Yale Grill and Gifts in the Historic Houston Heights Area in Houston, Texas – Step Back in Time to 1923!”

Mini Road Trip Adventures with a Giant Squirrel and Pralines???!

A while back while passing by the small town of Refugio, Texas I saw the above Texas Boot, Blue bonnets and Cactus and have to snap a quickly.  Sadly, looks like South Texas Kitchen at 201 S Alamo St, Refugio, TX 78377 has since closed but I liked the sculpture 🙂  Refugio had 2,890 residents as of the 2010 census. 

Next stop…Sinton, Texas.  Now why on earth would I veer off in that direction? Yep, to see the “Largest Squirrel in Texas”, according to a clever billboard advertisement, so off in search of I drove.  Aunt Aggie De’s Pralines at 311 W. Sinton Street, Sinton, Texas would be the destination in the small, Texas town.

Sinton, Texas did prove to be a friendly, small Texas town.

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