Review: Dog Boarding and Doggie Daycare in Houston, Texas

If you are a complete lover of your little pup, what do you do when the person you normally rely on to take care of your furry child is going on a trip with you and you’re forced to board your pup?? Luckily for me, that’s a no-brainer! (And no, I am not getting squat for saying any of this in any way, shape or form!). Max goes to Rover Oaks in Katy, Texas.  That’s the ONLY place I will use!! Are they cheap? That would be a nope! But will you have that worry that your precious fur-baby will be shoved in a crate all day? Nope! There are numerous packages dependant on what your individual pet’s needs may be, etc.   – including nightly tuck-in service! Yes, my pup Max is a Chihuahua mix and gets super cold very easily.  Now MOST dogs like this learn to burrow in their blankets…not mine! So did I get that service last time…you bet I did! He’s my family!!! Some of you may think that’s ridiculous but you haven’t met my Max and fallen in love with him then 🙂 . Are the vet records REALLY required or do they somewhat turn a blind eye like so many will do? No, you HAVE to have your little bundle of fur current on all required vaccines and they must undergo a temperament test (well, I forget what they call it but more or less that’s it), they want to ensure ALL the animals are safe.  Upon your arrival they will ask you all sorts of questions to be SURE your pet is treated as close to how they would at home! That ALL makes me feel good and like I can actually ENJOY myself and not have to worry that my Max is safe AND HAPPY!!! I’d asked around a few places and mentioned to a few (as a test really, as I am hysterical about being sure Max is always current on his shots and heartworm and flea preventative), and told a few he didn’t have this or that shot and when pressed, they all said it was ok this time but next time I’d need it.  Ok, cross them off the list! I don’t want my best friend getting sick because of something that could have been prevented.  I want the BEST I can get for Max – I feel SUPER strongly that Rover Oaks will always provide that and treat him like I would.  Their staff always seems to be the same, (a really good sign right?!) and the Owner over at the Katy, Texas location is a wonderful person that REALLY truly cares and is instrumental in helping Citizen’s For Animal Protection in doing doggie make-overs for those abandoned and left at Citizen’s looking a hot mess and always seems to be generously donating her time, money and resources to help pets all over! I want to ALWAYS choose to support a person/company like that! I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend them! We were even able to get our Santa photos while we were on vacation – what a nice surprise! If you’re new to Houston and looking – look no more! Feel free to email me any more detailed questions or comment below.


Elizabeth and Max 🙂