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Thank you for visiting Houston Photo Journey! Kick back, relax and enjoy the madness!! This blog is for you if you like photography, dogs, travel, are interested in Houston, Texas and the nearby areas.  Looking for things to do in Houston or just like random topics.  I’m “Max’s Human” and will be your guide.

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Max’s Human and Max (that’s me in the photo…aren’t I cute?!)



If you live in the Houston/Cypress Area and are looking for a FREE, adorable, kitten that is litter box trained, they are ready to leave their momma! Please send me an email at HoustonPhotoJourney@gmail.com and please type the word KITTEN in the subject line. Responsible and loving homes only please!! My sister and her hubby found a stray cat giving birth in their garage, but now the time has come to say hello to new furever homes!!! They are taking momma kitty to get fixed and the cute babies all need good, loving homes!!! Help!! (Photo’s coming soon but they are tabby kitties)

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  1. I spent several hot years stationed in San Antonio, which I know is a whole world away from the more civilized culture seen in Houston despite still being within the borders of the same state. There are times (usually during winter) that I still miss it. Perhaps this will be an interesting blog to satisfy my resdiual cravings for Texas.

    Thank you for visiting (and following) my blog. See you aroung the blogisphere!

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