Old Town Spring – Full of Quaint, Fun Shops and Eateries in Spring, Texas (SAVE UP TO 20% OFF!!!) Just Mention Houston Photo Journey!

Old Town Spring is an area not far from Houston, Texas…actually, it’s in Spring, Texas but these quaint shops are all grouped in an area we call “Old Town Spring” it’s sort of like stepping back in time when visiting. ¬†It’s always a fun time visiting. Here’s a little taste of what it has to offer… (KEEP READING FOR MULTIPLE DISCOUNT OFFERS FOR HOUSTON PHOTO JOURNEY READERS!!! ūüôā – Plan ahead and do some early holiday shopping with these discount offers! )¬†

Meet the lovely Chanell Lauxman and her sidekick Clyde of Connie’s Bath Shack

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My Red Cardinal (and Bird Obsession), at Bear Creek Park in Houston, Texas

As my daughter’s ‚ÄúHoosier‚ÄĚ Dad pointed out recently, the Northern Cardinal is Indiana’s Official State Bird and has been since 1933. However, Indiana is not alone…Illinois, West Virginia, Kentucky, Ohio, North Carolina, and Virginia all choose this as their State Bird!¬† The males are the beautiful red ones, the females are the brown ones with reddish wings. ¬†I just think they are beautiful and sound so cheerful! To me, they have always been associated with a sign of good luck and happiness! I always tell my kids, when I see my Red Cardinals, I know it’s a good omen and will be a wonderful day!¬†

I was driving through Bear Creek park the other day and stumbled on this beautiful Red Cardinal about to take a bird bath so I had to stick around!


Splish splash he was taking a bath…

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Cullen Park in Houston, Texas

The Corps of Engineers agreed to lease a huge piece of land in 1973 to the City of Houston. ¬†This is now Cullen Park. ¬†It’s over 9,200 acres. ¬†The acres however, are chopped up a bit with various access parts into the park. ¬†There are baseball fields, soccer fields, pavilions, picnic areas, grills,¬†paved trails, an old, historic cemetery, ¬†multiple playground areas, water playground and even an archery range.

IMG_9193-1 (1)

Soccer team are always out in full force every weekend

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The Gauntlet’s Been Thrown…I Challenge You To Find A Better Waffle!! After Visiting First Watch – The Daytime Cafe in Katy, Texas

My Mother’s Day was spectacular!!! My perfect, beautiful daughter and her fantabulous, handsome hubby took me to First Watch – The Daytime Cafe in Katy, Texas for a WONDERFUL breakfast! ¬†

Tip: ¬†Go early and ask for Arianne’s table – she’s awesome and will soon become either a 1st or 2nd grade teacher – Sure her students and their parents will adore her too!

Image-1 (3)
We even got these cute boxes of chocolates as their gift to us for Mother’s Day – nice touch!
Ms. Arianne Hoffman РBest Server EVER! 

I ordered the¬†Belgian Waffle that comes with a side of warm, berry compote, (I also spread some of my daughter’s strawberry jam on it) – now when I tell you that waffle was good…I have to say it was the best waffle I’ve ever eaten ($7.99) !!! Eh..hemm…ONLY because it was Mother’s Day, (I’m lying thru my teeth), I also ordered the Millionaire’s Bacon (Four slices of hardwood smoked bacon baked with brown sugar, black pepper, cayenne and a maple syrup drizzle)…OMG it IS yummy!!

So good!

Image-1 (7)

Mr. Handsome ordered the Chickichanga Whipped eggs with spicy, all-natural chicken breast, chorizo, green chilies, Cheddar, Monterey Jack, onions and avocado rolled in a flour tortilla. Topped with Vera Cruz sauce and all-natural sour cream. Served with fresh fruit and fresh, seasoned potatoes Р$10.79 

Image-1 (10)Mrs. Beautiful ordered the (Farmhouse) Skillet Hash (Two cage-free eggs atop fresh, seasoned potatoes, bacon, avocado, house-roasted onions and tomatoes with Cheddar and Monterey Jack) – $10.99

Obviously it was a complete thumbs up for me! Though not fast in getting the food, it was worth the wait! For sure going back!!! Mr. Handsome and Mrs. Beautiful both thoroughly enjoyed their orders too and reminded me everything is “farm fresh” and made from scratch and they support local farmers.”

Then it was off to see “Snatched” which we all loved ¬†– pretty ridiculously funny!!! Next, hung out with my crazy son and watched (bummer), the Spurs lose…but still nice spending some time with my baby boy too! Had a WONDERFUL day!!! Thanks!!! Love you all!!!

(All photos provided courtesy of Stephanie Stevens)

Take care!

Elizabeth and Max (he’s still upset that he didn’t get to share any bacon)


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City of Katy Off Leash Dog Park

IMG_8822-1 (1)

Since I was recently in Katy, Texas with Max to check out Mary Jo Peckham Park, I decided to go next door to the City Of Katy Off Leash Dog Park. ¬†They have a little pups area that is more for dogs Max sized and then the big dog area. ¬†Max loves to go to the big park area as it’s so much more room to wander, so a let him as long as I don’t see any ruff ¬†ūüôā pups and I leave his leash on but let it drag behind him in case I need to grab him quickly.¬†IMG_8791-1

Max loves to just spend forever sniffing! Whatever makes him happy ūüôā¬†IMG_8950-1

Met all sorts of friendly little pups there.

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