BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir

Still sick so I am “recycling” this older post for those that have never seen it 🙂 … hope to have new content soon 🙂

BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir in Stafford, Texas is breathtaking! It’s a place of traditional Hindu worship but respectful visitors are allowed.  The exterior is made of Turkish Limestone and interior of Italian Marble.  The hand carvings are stunning as you can see in the photos below.  It’s truly a sight to behold and worth a visit!

Note:  Mandir basically means a temple or place of worship.  There is a souvenir shop and plenty of photo ops!

Advice:  Check the Visitor Guidelines before you leave please to be sure you are dressed appropriately, etc.

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Max is soooo bored!!!

My poor little co-author and sidekick, Max is sooooo bored!!! I’ve been sick with bronchitis once again so homebound and high levels of steriods…yuck! I have such a love/hate relationship with steroids!! Anyway, that said…Max hasn’t been able to go on any of our adventures :(. So, here we go with some recent backyard, “Houston” photos.

Ah, my beautiful feathered friend the Northern Cardinal

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Oh Deer!! (Yep, not gonna cut it as a comedian!)

I’ve seen a small amount of Deer before at Bear Creek Pioneers Park in Houston, Texas but this was the first one I was able to snap a photo of so far!

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Spirit Pieces-Memories, Remember Through Art in Austin, Texas

“Nothing is certain except death and taxes.” – Benjamin Franklin
So, today let’s talk about death…sort of…everyone has their own feelings about this, etc. but today I wanted to show you what David Blake at Spirit Pieces in Austin, Texas does to help those who are left behind.  You see, David creates beautiful art using the cremation remains of loved ones to honor and remember them.  I LOVE this idea!! While I didn’t have time at the moment to meet David in person, he was kind enough to agree to an email type of interview – thanks David! Ok, on with the interview!…(My questions in black, Mr. Blake’s responses are in blue). 
Mr. David Blake of Spirit Pieces

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Jim McIngvale aka “Mattress Mack” – A Houston Superhero In His Own Right!

“Grateful for everything, Entitled to nothing”  is Jim McIngvale’s motto.

Ask anyone in Houston who will “Save you money?” and they’ll likely laugh, smile and say “Gallery Furniture” or “Mattress Mack”.  You can see why they smile after seeing some of the crazy commercials below – but that’s not all there is to Mr. McIngvale. Yes, he does own Gallery Furniture which he started with $5,000 on the side of the freeway and under tents 30+ years ago and now has three, huge locations. Gallery Furniture is now a multi-million dollar company that provides employment for 400+ folks in Houston.  That in itself is beyond impressive, but actually knowing what he has done and continues to do for the Houston community is what to me, is far more impressive!

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Rockstar Art Gallery in Houston Texas

I saw that Rockstar Art Gallery at 5700 NW Central #160 Houston, TX 77092 was hosting a “Last Sunday” event from 1-5pm as they do each month, so decided to check it out for the first time! (Links to artist’s websites are in black by photos)

I loved it when Houston had the Cow Parade so these were fun to look at too 🙂 

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Goose Island State Park – Rockport, Texas

Still driving home from visiting with my niece in Corpus Christi, Texas and my 3 hour drive is now approaching an 8 hour drive instead, due to my many pit stops! This was the last one though.  

20170724-IMG_4214 (1).JPG
Welcome to Goose Creek Island State Park 🙂 

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The Little Toyota Truck Saw A Sign That Said “Rockport Texas Beach”…And His Steering Wheel Suddenly Had A Mind Of His Own!(MUST Have Been The Truck’s Fault As I Was Already Late Getting Back Home :)

How do you turn a simple 3 hour car drive from Corpus Christi, Texas to Houston into a 8 hour trip?? Have me at the wheel!!! I see an interesting billboard, sign, etc. and off I go getting distracted….fun! (Swerve! Detour!)!

I didn’t ever make time for the beach while in Corpus, so a quick drive through of Rockport Beach surely wouldn’t affect my drive time tooooo much right?! (Well, let’s not mention the other stop at Harbor Point Park ..opps!…or the others…)

The weather was a little funky but still….HAD to stop here!!!

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Rockport, Texas -Tule Hike And Bike Trail (am I ever going to get home?!)

Yep, this is my crazy, distracted brain in action….the task today, after wedding planning with my niece, was to drive the 3 hours to get back home…seems simple enough right?! Nope…I see anything that looks like it should be further investigated and bam…off I go…am I ever going to make it home?! Not the way I tend to veer off on my mini adventures! 🙂 

I drove past this cool little park and spun back around to check it out…  The 1.08 trail has 10 foot wide concrete paths that will take you through lots of beautiful Live Oak trees and of course you will see Tule Creek.


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