Project Row Houses in Houston, TX

I discovered the Project Row Houses years ago in 1993 was when Rick Lowe, Founder, was just starting to launch this wonderful idea – wow, has it just snowballed into something amazing!!! I met Mr. Lowe back then and he was just such a nice guy and very passionate – I knew this would turn into to something way beyond his vision!!!All it takes is one person to create a huge community difference and fantastic change!! Mr. Lowe has since been awarded a  MacArthur “genius” fellowship in 2014.

They provide FREE tutoring each Monday night to students of any age who need assistance.

They have The Third Ward College Bound Project to help our future college students.

Artist Rounds are twice a year where new artists can display their works in one of the 7 houses.

(*Anything in bold, italics I have taken directly from Project Row’s website)

*”Young Mothers Program provides housing and counseling on personal growth and parenting skills, allowing these mothers to raise their children in a creative, nurturing community. This programs offers up to two years of subsidized housing in one of seven refurbished, fully furnished row houses that recall the way communities used to be – when neighbors knew each other and gave a helping hand when needed. Our ultimate goal is to support our mothers and their children in reaching their highest potentials.”

Project Row Houses and Rice Building Workshop collaborated to create a series of row house-inspired duplexes to provide affordable housing for people in the community. In 2003, Row House CDC was created to act as a sister organization of PRH to manage the Affordable Housing Program. If you are interested in the availability of these duplexes, please contact Row Houses CDC at 713.374.1210 or visit them online at

*”The mission of Project Row Houses is to be the catalyst for transforming community through the celebration of art and African-American history and culture.”

WARNING…SPOILER ALERT!!!! If you are in Houston and planning a visit you should STOP READING now as I have tons of photos and don’t want to ruin your visit!!! 🙂 

This particular exhibit:

* Round 46 | Black Women Artists for Black Lives Matter at Project Row Houses

Viewing Period
March 25 – June 4, 2017

What happens when individual artists use their platform for collective organizing to address challenging socio-political economic issues we face as a society? This Round will utilize the seven art houses as a platform to cultivate public dialogues about the issues that impact the lives and movement of Black People while creating space for the general public to get involved in generative ways. Throughout the houses, a collection of objects, ephemera, performance, digital and installation-based work by the many women of Black Women Artists for Black Lives Matter will be installed. Some houses will be home to immersive installations of videos while other houses will create opportunities for the public to create ephemera and host meetings to respond and organize based on our current political moment while addressing issues that impact the lives of Third Ward residents.

During the incubation period, we will work with local artists to establish a chapter of BWA for BLM in Houston and to create an installation or performance based on conversations. The Houston chapter will become a part of the larger network of BWA for BLM groups that are active in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and London. 

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These homes are private homes that are part of the program to help the community.

(Rick Lowe, Project Row Houses, Third Ward TX Documentary posted by Andrew Garrison)

Hope you enjoyed your trip to the Project Row Houses!

Thanks for your comments and visiting!! Thank you Rick Lowe for improving our great city!!!

Elizabeth and Max