Newman’s Castle in Bellville, Texas as promised :)


Ok, so we got our coffee and apple fritter….next it’s was on to see Newman’s Castle!!

To see it though, you’ll need to call Newman’s Bakery at 979-865-9804 to book your tour. The day of the tour, you’ll meet up at Newman’s Bakery around 10:15 am.  Why not go a little early and taste one of Newman’s Bakery donuts, danishes, Quiche, pigs in a blanket, cinnamon roles or choose from whatever grabs you from the display case and if you’re like me – a large coffee! (Remember to mention Houston Photo Journey at the Bakery and you’ll get 2 FREE Pastries with your purchase!)

Chuck Norris even filmed a Russian beer (Hoegaarden) at Newman’s Castle (See at end of post)


Who WOULDN’T want to have their very own castle?!! It’s beautiful!! Mr. Newman began building the castle in 1998.  Today it’s a Bellville landmark.  The moat completely surrounds Newman’s Castle and it’s believed that this is the only Castle with a moat fully encasing a castle in the USA.  It’s truly a sight to behold!!!

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