Let’s Learn About Houston(s) Today

(Above photo from U.S. National Archives and Records Administration/Wikimedia Commons/www.Texasmonthly)

Founded on August 30, 1836 by Augustus and John Allen, known as “The Allen Brothers” who paid slightly over $1.40 an acre for 6,6642 acres.  Houston is named after Sam Houston, who was also an honorary member of the Cherokee nation, commander of the military and a politician that led the battle for Texas’s independence from Mexico. Mr. Sam Houston also had a bit of an “anger management issue” and once viciously beat up Congressman William Stanbery with his hickory walking cane for saying derogatory things while on the floor of congress about him and the Cherokees! Congressman Stanbery however, later would raise a pistol to Sam Houston and tried shooting Mr. Houston in the chest but the gun jammed saving Houston’s life! Houston did face charges though, but guess who was his defense attorney?? None other than Francis Scott Key! Key was probably best suited for authoring songs like our National Anthem though, as Houston was found guilty and fined $500 which he refused to ever pay.

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