Max is soooo bored!!!

My poor little co-author and sidekick, Max is sooooo bored!!! I’ve been sick with bronchitis once again so homebound and high levels of steriods…yuck! I have such a love/hate relationship with steroids!! Anyway, that said…Max hasn’t been able to go on any of our adventures :(. So, here we go with some recent backyard, “Houston” photos.

Ah, my beautiful feathered friend the Northern Cardinal

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Creatures of the backyard…

I’ve begun to put up bird feeders and bird baths in my backyard to see who comes to visit me… so far, this is what I’ve captured 🙂 …

These molting Red Cardinals look so odd!

IMG_6900-1 (1)

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My Red Cardinal (and Bird Obsession), at Bear Creek Park in Houston, Texas

As my daughter’s “Hoosier” Dad pointed out recently, the Northern Cardinal is Indiana’s Official State Bird and has been since 1933. However, Indiana is not alone…Illinois, West Virginia, Kentucky, Ohio, North Carolina, and Virginia all choose this as their State Bird!  The males are the beautiful red ones, the females are the brown ones with reddish wings.  I just think they are beautiful and sound so cheerful! To me, they have always been associated with a sign of good luck and happiness! I always tell my kids, when I see my Red Cardinals, I know it’s a good omen and will be a wonderful day! 

I was driving through Bear Creek park the other day and stumbled on this beautiful Red Cardinal about to take a bird bath so I had to stick around!


Splish splash he was taking a bath…

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