Battleship Texas – Part II (Ben Affleck filmed here for the movie Pearl Harbor)

(Above Photo:  Mr. Verlon Anderson) (For Part I of The Battleship Texas click here)

After beginning this post, I learned of Seaman Mr. Verlon Anderson.  He proudly served our great country in WWII.  Mr. Anderson had an interesting connection to the Battleship Texas!!!  Seaman Anderson escorted the only non military arrival ever to the Battleship Texas….Mr. Verlon Anderson brought the young reporter, Walter Cronkite onto the ship during the North African Invasion of WWII! (Thank you Mr. Craig E. Ferrell, Jr. and Mrs. Pamela Ferrell for sharing this wonderful story!  Mr. Anderson was Mrs. Ferrell’s Uncle!).  I’d also like to take a moment to thank all of our veterans – both past and present – my absolute gratitude for your service!!!


Above Photo:  Dan Gallo, Volunteer Guide (2nd from Left) with visitors Don and Toni Pharis and Susan and Russell Gifford

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