Let’s Learn About Houston(s) Today

(Above photo from U.S. National Archives and Records Administration/Wikimedia Commons/www.Texasmonthly)

Founded on August 30, 1836 by Augustus and John Allen, known as “The Allen Brothers” who paid slightly over $1.40 an acre for 6,6642 acres.  Houston is named after Sam Houston, who was also an honorary member of the Cherokee nation, commander of the military and a politician that led the battle for Texas’s independence from Mexico. Mr. Sam Houston also had a bit of an “anger management issue” and once viciously beat up Congressman William Stanbery with his hickory walking cane for saying derogatory things while on the floor of congress about him and the Cherokees! Congressman Stanbery however, later would raise a pistol to Sam Houston and tried shooting Mr. Houston in the chest but the gun jammed saving Houston’s life! Houston did face charges though, but guess who was his defense attorney?? None other than Francis Scott Key! Key was probably best suited for authoring songs like our National Anthem though, as Houston was found guilty and fined $500 which he refused to ever pay.

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San Jacinto Battle Reenactment and Ozzy Osbourne?!

We’re coming to a close on my San Jacinto Day Festival and Battle Reenactment series…today we see the reenactment of the Battle of San Jacinto…CHARGE!!! (ok, that was for dramatic effect!!) – (of course “CHARGE” could also be something I could do if the man in my life wants to buy me a new camera lens and wants to hand over his credit card)…humm think I’m onto something here! Ok, well anyway….


I loved seeing the crowds heading to see the reenactment of the Battle of San Jacinto – this little boy was just the cutest ever!


Before the reenactment took place you were able to visit the camps of both sides of the battle.


These people are all volunteers so a big thank you to them all!


The Mexican Army is gearing up for the battle!


You can see the massive crowds in the background starting to gather and the cannon the Mexican Army would soon fire!


The Texan’s were leaving and crying out “The Mexican’s Are Coming!”


But it wouldn’t be long before the Texian Army regained their footing and kicked booty!


“Don’t Mess With Texas!” 🙂 The Texian Army was getting ready to attack while the Mexican Army had their afternoon siesta.


General Antonio López de Santa Anna’s Mexican army would soon be in a battle that lasted just 18 minutes – think about it…I can put together an entire Hamburger Helper meal in 18 minutes and make muffins! (yes, I am quite the cook…NOT!)


The Mexican Army just was not prepared for the Texian Army! (That’s why there’s a slogan “Texas Tough”!)


The Texian Army might have been a rather unorganized crew but they pulled it off!


The Texian Army of about 800 would charge and defeat the Mexican Army of around 1,500 shouting “Remember the Alamo!” (Note:  Do you know that Ozzy Ozbourne once urinated on the Alamo? ..actually he peed on the Alamo Cenotaph which is nearby – I AM here to tell you about our fascinating history after all! 🙂 – oh, that was in 1982 by the way and the Battle of San Jacinto on April 21, 1836 (peeing in public was probably ok back then but not there!!)


Based on Sam Houston’s reporting, 630 Mexican Army members were killed and 730 taken prisoner. The Texian Army lost just nine.  (Above is the Mexican Army trying to defend themselves against the Texians). 


General Antonio López de Santa Anna would later be captured and taken prisoner as the Texian Army won.  In exchange for Santa Anna’s freedom he signed a treaty recognizing Texas’ independence. So there ya have it – Texas History! 🙂 

Source:  YouTube posted by NYCYankInTexas

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