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Max of Houston Photo Journey

First, thank you for stopping by!! What does one write about themselves? It’s kind of awkward isn’t it?! I’m “Max’s Human”who is over 1/2 of a century years old and darn proud I made it that far…much better than the alternative right?! I love photos and taking photos of almost anything really.  Max is my rescue pup and is truly my “heart dog” – you’ll get to know him a bit here too.  I’ve lived in Houston, Texas since I was about 12 years old so that qualifies me as a Native Houstonian practically.  The idea for the blog was to be somewhat of your virtual tour guide to Houston and the surrounding areas coupled with chatting about Dogs, Photography, Photography  and Camera Gear Product Reviews, Dog Product Reviews and just talk about random things that pop up.  I’m always open to new ideas, places, experiences, feedback (as long as it is G Rated), and welcome you to ask question or suggest places to visit and if I can, I will.  Again, thanks for visiting!!

Max’s Human and Max


2 thoughts on “About Max’s Human”

  1. I just noticed you came by my site. Thanks. I lived in San Antonio from 1966 until 1983. We would occasionally come to Houston. If on a Saturday night, we always went to the clubs in the Montrose area. Just like so many cities in Texas, Houston is rich in history and founding families. I will be back to visit your site and enjoy the photos. Many of the places you list I have been to and I will enjoy the memories. I found your site through Hugh of Hugh’s News. You site is evidence of hours of hard work. Thank you for sharing. HUGS.

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