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First, thank you for stopping by!! What does one write about themselves? It’s kind of awkward isn’t it?! I’m “Max’s Human”who is over 1/2 of a century years old and darn proud I made it that far…much better than the alternative right?! I love photos and taking photos of almost anything really.  Max is my rescue pup and is truly my “heart dog” – you’ll get to know him a bit here too.  I’ve lived in Houston, Texas since I was about 12 years old so that qualifies me as a Native Houstonian practically.  The idea for the blog was to be somewhat of your virtual tour guide to Houston and the surrounding areas coupled with chatting about Dogs, Photography, Photography  and Camera Gear Product Reviews, Dog Product Reviews and just talk about random things that pop up.  I’m always open to new ideas, places, experiences, feedback (as long as it is G Rated), and welcome you to ask question or suggest places to visit and if I can, I will.  Again, thanks for visiting!!  Looking for fun places in and around Houston to visit? Festivals? Let me know and I’ll try to check them out!

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  1. I just noticed you came by my site. Thanks. I lived in San Antonio from 1966 until 1983. We would occasionally come to Houston. If on a Saturday night, we always went to the clubs in the Montrose area. Just like so many cities in Texas, Houston is rich in history and founding families. I will be back to visit your site and enjoy the photos. Many of the places you list I have been to and I will enjoy the memories. I found your site through Hugh of Hugh’s News. You site is evidence of hours of hard work. Thank you for sharing. HUGS.

  2. You sound like my kind of guy (even if I’m getting to be nearly twice your age 🙂 – soon! )
    If I’ve ever been to Houston? Not really! However I did visit (in the blink of a eye way before you were ever born)
    because one late night I drove up from Galveston. I was there only an hour before returning. The girls were much livelier in Galveston! 🙂 Now I’m well past 80 and don’t practice that kind of athletics any more!
    But I do have a number of cameras and for the time being I packing an Olympus OM D E-M1, of which I’m pretty satisfied.
    Extremely adept for landscapes and street photography, but also for most anything else that comes my way.
    LIke for instance ‘sunsets’. On my front page you’ll find a small search window. If you insert ‘sunset’ and follow through with ‘Enter’, you’ll be presented with all my sunsets. The last 25-50 must be shot with my new Olympus.
    Please enjoy!

    1. How funny! Glad Galveston “showed you a good time” 😂 Glad to see a young man as yourself writing. I’m 52 and when I made 50 I was quite happy to celebrate my years so I’m guessing you have a positive and vivacious manner which is so needed I think! I will go see the others now and thanks for telling me about your camera too. Do tell what made you get into photography??

      1. Aw, that’s a hard one! I think I must have bought my first camera some time whilst serving in the Noregian navy (1954): A German camera named ‘Altix’ which caught superb pictures, but in B/W. At some point I managed to drop it into the sea, but miraclously I somehow managed to fish it back out. I remember to have it stored in a bucket of fresh water for a week before sending it to Germany for service. It came back after 3 weeks working OK, but it was never again ‘the same camera’! But ‘what’ made me buy it in the first place, I no longer remember. After all it’s more than 60 years ago and there are certain limits as to what the human brain will hold! 🙂 But – somewhere I still have pictures taken from that time in life!

  3. Well, that poses a small problem:
    1. First I’ll have to find them!
    2. Then they’ll have to be digitilized!
    3. Then there is the question of who is still alive, and who’s not.
    4. Finding them, remembering their names and obtaining permissons to publish on the net.
    I’d better not, I guess?
    I remember I once shot our King Olav up close (with a camera that is! 🙂 ) and he died on my birthday 27 years ago!
    I’m really getting old here! 🙂

    1. Thanks so much for visiting!! I love my little Max a lot!! I’ve been out of town so playing catch up but can’t wait to visit your blog too!

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